Openoffice requires a jre to perform this task

Why Do I Need Java to Use Apache

Java is required for finish functionality. Java is greatly required for the HSQLDBdatabase engine (provided by our database product Base) and also to make use of accessibility and also assistive innovations.Additionally some wizards count on Java technology. See added topics pertaining to the use of Java in vr-tab-quebec.comand also Apache in theInstallation FAQ.

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So what does this expect exactly? Base (the database component) relies entirely on Java innovations to run, yet otherprograms (like Writer, Calc and also Impress) only need Java for distinct usability. If you execute not have to usage Base and also donot want to usage any type of of the Wizards, then you perform not need to have actually Java set up and configured for running (and older versions of You have the right to completely proccasion from prompting you around the useof Java by informing not to use a Java runtime atmosphere (JRE). From the primary menu use:"Tools - Options... - Java", and also uninspect "Use a Java runtime environment". However before, we do recommendthat you have actually a JRE on your device to take complete advantage of"s attributes without any type of problems.

Legacy versions of 3.3.0 and also older consisted of a JRE packaged via the downpack. Apache vr-tab-quebec.com3.4.0 and also newer perform not!

Which Java Version Do I Need to Use Apache

You will certainly have to have actually a JRE version (32-little bit or 64-bit) that is compatible through the design of the version you downloaded. If you already have a JRE set up on your system that satisfies this need inone of the typical locations for Java installation, should detect this installation and let you select it for usein via the "Tools - Options... - Java". If you have actually a JRE set up that is not detected,you need to have the ability to add it with this exact same food selection. And, you have the right to install a JRE or configure to use Java at anytime to gain lacking usability to work-related.

Important note for Windows users:The Windows version of is 32-bit and also therefore it calls for a 32-bit JRE. Even once you have actually a Windows versionvia 64-little bit set up.Additionally you have to install a 32-little JRE - even more or rather - as soon as you currently have actually a64-little bit JRE mounted.

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Where Can I Get Java?

The current versions of Apache work-related reliably via a variety of JREs includingOracle Java, versions 6, 7 and 8,openJDK, versions 6, 7 and 8 andAdoptOpenJDK, versions 8 and also 11. Feel cost-free to downpack a JRE from either of these sitesif you feel you need this use.

Please report any type of troubles you endure through utilizing Java on via our bug reporting device,Bugzilla, or one of the other assistance venues noted in theApache Support webweb page, either the individuals list or forums.

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For installing Java on Windows machines, one might appreciate:Download Instructions for Windows offline.