Nvlddmkm.sys system_thread_exception_not_handled

Fix System Threview Exception Not Handled Error Windows 10 (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED): It is a Blue Display of Death (BSOD) error which can happen out of now wright here and also once this happens you won’t be able to log on to home windows. The system Thcheck out Exception not tackled error mainly occur at boot time and the general reason of this error is incompatible motorists (in the majority of situations it’s the graphic card drivers).

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Different world obtain various error messages when they check out Blue Screen of Death like:




The initially error over occurs bereason of a document referred to as nvlddmkilometres.sys which is Nvidia display driver file. Which suggests blue display screen of fatality occurs because of incompatible graphic card driver. Now the second one is also caused bereason of a file dubbed wificlass.sys which is nothing however wiremuch less driver file. So in order to eliminate the blue display of fatality error, we should address the problematic file in both the situations. Let’s see how to fix System Threview Exception not tackled error home windows 10 but first, check out just how to open up the command also prompt from recoexceptionally because you are going to need this in each and also eexceptionally action.

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To open up Command also Prompt:

a)Placed in the Windows installation media or Recoextremely Drive/System Repair Disc and select your language choices, and click Next off.



b)Click Repair your computer at the bottom.


c)Now select Troubleshoot and also then Cutting edge Options.


d)Select Command Prompt from the list of options.



Open Command also Prompt without having actually installation media or recoexceptionally disc (Not recommended):

At the blue display of fatality error, just close your COMPUTER using the power button.Press ON and abruptly OFF your PC as soon as Windows logo appears.Repeat step 2 few times until Windows show you the recoextremely choices.After reaching recovery options, go to Troubleshoot then Advanced options and also ultimately select Command Prompt.

So without wasting any type of time let’s watch How to Fix System Thcheck out Exception Not Handled Error Windows 10 via the aid of the below-listed troubleshooting overview.

Fix System Threview Exception Not Handled Error Windows 10

Method 1: Uninstall the problematic Driver

1.Open command prompt from any kind of one technique mentioned above and also kind the following command:

bcdedit /collection default bootmenupolicy legacy


2.Press Get in to enable tradition advanced boot menu.

3.Type leave in Command Prompt to departure it and also then rebegin your PC.


4.Continuously press the F8 key at mechanism rebegin to display the Advanced boot choices display.

5.On Advanced boot option select Safe Mode and push enter.


6.Log on to your Windows via an governmental account.

7.If you already recognize the file bring about the error (eg wificourse.sys) you have the right to skip to straight to step 11, if not continue.

8.Install WhoCrashed from here.

9.Run WhoCrashed to uncover out which driver is leading to you the SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED  error.

10.Look at “Probably caused by” and also you will certainly gain the driver name lets expect its nvlddmkilometres.sys


11.Once you have actually the file name, perform Google search to obtain more information around the file.

12.For instance, nvlddmkm.sys is Nvidia screen driver file which is leading to this issue.

13.Moving forward, push Windows Key + R then form devmgmt.msc and press enter to open gadget manager.


14.In device manager go to the problematic gadget and also uninstall its motorists.


15.In this instance, its Nvidia display driver so expand Display adapters then right click on NVIDIA and select Uninstall.

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16.Click OK as soon as asked for Device uninstall confirmation.

17.Restart your PC and install the latest driver from the manufacturer’s webwebsite.

Method 2: Rename problematic driver

1.If the file is not associated with any kind of driver in tool manager then open Command also Prompt from the strategy stated in founding.

2.Once you have command also prompt form the following command and also press enter after each one:

C:cd windowssystem32driversren FILENAME.sys FILENAME.old


2.(Replace FILENAME with your file which is bring about the difficulty, in this case, it will certainly be: ren nvlddmkilometres.sys nvlddmkilometres.old).

3Type leave and also rebegin your COMPUTER. See if you’re able to Fix System Thcheck out Exception Not Handled Error, if not then continue.

Method 3: Rekeep your COMPUTER to an earlier time

1.Placed in the Windows installation media or Recovery Drive/System Repair Disc and pick your language preferences, and click Next

2.Click Repair your computer at the bottom.

3.Now select Troubleshoot and then Cutting edge Options.


4..Finally, click “System Restore” and follow ondisplay screen instructions to complete the gain back.


5.Rebegin your PC and also this action may have Fix System Thcheck out Exception Not Handled Error but if it didn’t then proceed.

Method 4: Disable Hardware Acceleration

This approach is not recommfinished for resolving the SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error and also this strategy must be provided if and also only if you have tried all the over approaches and you are still commonly facing the blue display of death error.

1.Open Google Chrome and also go to settings.

2.Click on “Show advanced settings” and scroll dvery own to the System section.


3.Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration as soon as available” and also rebegin Chrome.


4.Open Mozilla Firefox and kind the complying with in the deal with bar: about:preferences#advanced

5.Unexamine “Use hardware acceleration as soon as available” and also rebegin Firefox.


6.For Internet Explorer, Press Windows Key + R & kind “inetcpl.cpl” then click OK.


7.Select the Modern tab in the Web Properties home window.

8.Check package “Use software program rendering instead of GPU rendering.


9.Click Apply adhered to by OK and rebegin Internet Explorer.

Recommfinished for you:

That’s it you have actually efficiently fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error Windows 10. If you still have actually any type of queries about this post feel complimentary to ask them in comments. Share this guide on the social network-related to help family and also friends settle this error.

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