Nvidia opengl driver error code 8

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I have actually freshly been plagued by this issue that hasn"t been an concern for an extremely long time but has actually as soon as aget popped up. (Nvidia OpenGL has detected a problem via your display screen driver and also has shut down. - Error Code 8")Now as far as I have the right to tell nothing has actually adjusted on my device in 6 months acomponent from windows updates and those God foresaken Windows 10 papers being added and also stored. I am still running Windows 7 because Windows 10 upday would certainly break my device and also I can not risk that.I did updated my motorists for my Nvidia GTX 770 (EVGA) card after the bug started popping up aget. I did a manual uninstall (yes I know exactly how to execute it correctly) and also then a fresh instevery one of the latest vehicle drivers. (None of that Nvidia shield or Experience crap was included as the backdoor.exe regime can and will certainly run your CPU crazy.)The difficulty began earlier in July once I began noticing a far-ranging amount of lag or latency as soon as issuing regulates on the Minetrek.net server. Other players would check out the outcomes instantly however I wouldn"t for a number of seconds to minutes. At first I assumed it was a pest via my ISP yet after a month of experimentation and help from ISP advanced technology support, my ISP got a clean bill of health and wellness. Then out of the blue the Error Code 8 (OpenGL) bug came ago.I expect this bug was gone for a long time and also then simply came back.

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Of course tbelow is no help on the Nvidia forums and a google search only brings up people having problems with it. (It is straight concerned two things, Nvidia Cards and also Minecraft.)I know it isn"t a power administration issue, it isn"t a memory worry, it isn"t a Java discussion worry, and it isn"t an OS, or MC variation worry. I have supplied motorists as much back as 2011 to attempt and also over come the worry however to avail. So I am using the latest vehicle drivers from Nivida.It isn"t and worry through Java either. (Just had to say that.)It seems that no one knows what the hell the reason of this problem is. It seems to come and also go off and also on and raises hell through players for a while then leaves only to come earlier without rhyme or reason.If any kind of one has actually any concepts on exactly how to resolve this effing worry please do tell. Perhaps you have tried somepoint I haven"t and might have stumbled onto the solution. BTW, my card passed its stress and anxiety test and so has actually my device. All is excellent and I am virus and malware totally free.System specs aren"t required - this issue affects all systems, all OS versions, and all Version of MC. (But I am running Win7 pro 64x, IF 4690k, Gigabyte Z97, through 16 gigs ram and also an 240 boot SSD.)