Nvidia kernel mode driver crash 2017

I"ve had actually this issue over the last month or two yet once doing simply normal web searching I will certainly have the display blackout for a few secs then pop back up saying that the driver kernel has actually reextended.

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This has actually just taken place while internet browsing when gaming everything runs just fine for hrs without a solitary hiccup.


I"ve checked to make sure that the card is not going to sleep power wise and also the only readjust that I have actually made is a more aggressive fan profile (Fans are set to go no lower than 50%) otherwise I"m running the card at stock speeds.


Google has actually revealed that this has actually been a long standing concern considering that at leastern 2012 so I"m hoping to find the solution for this generation of Nvidia card.

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"The Codex Electronica does not support this overclock."

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Posted October 9, 2017

Stress tested with FurMark for over a hour and no crashes or odd drops in frames through temps continuing to be approximately 75C. Any help would be appreciated as I am running out of concepts regarding the cause of this issue.

"The Codex Electronica does not assistance this overclock."

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Posted October 9, 2017

Wipe the motorists with DDU and also reinstall them, it"s probably hardware acceleration resulting in it.

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Nvidia Kernel Setting Driver has actually stopped responding and has respanned 385.69
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