Nvidia control panel preferred refresh rate

I was having a look in the Nvidia Control Panel, and also view a setup I have not been familiar with. Generally I produce propapers in Nvidia Inspector and also do not get right into the Nvidia manage panel all that a lot.

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I watch a setting for " Preferred Refresh Rate", it is collection to application regulated be default. The various other selection accessible, is " Highest Available".

Beside the " Preferred Refresh Rate" title in parenthesis, is " Ancor Communications"... starray.


Anyone usage this?





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That"s "why" you see Ancor ...


As it"s certain to your monitor and also yours has actually an additional high refresh rate I"d use the Ancor setting to check out if it offered you anypoint extra.


Also, (on a seperate note) have actually you heard about G-Synch?

Yours is currently the only monitor that supports it via an after industry change.

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Thanks for the information, I will need to offer it a try and also view if there is any kind of distinction.


Yes, I heard about G-Synch shortly after ordering the monitor, sounds favor it will certainly be pretty cool to have actually - I will certainly be maintaining an eye on it and also may give it a swarm after it has been out for a little.




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Ok so I went in and also played approximately with this establishing this morning, setting it to " Highest Available".

I really did not see any kind of difference in the game.

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When I looked at this establishing in Nvidia Inspector, the greatest available selection states it is to override the application setting. I am going to assume right here, that this is for more than likely running games that execute not natively support the higher reremedies favor 120 and also 144, and also this forces it to run at the better refresh price. BOS obviously supports these better refresh prices natively, so I suspect this override setting is not essential for BOS.

So BOS does natively support 144? Or carry out you have to use 120?

(My negative old monitor only hrs up to 60)

Incidentally I was looking at monitors just to store indeveloped and also I experienced a competition to win the Asus VG248QE so fingers crossed!