Note 3 s finder keeps popping up

My notice panel has actually S Finder / Quick Connect butloads, I would choose to disable them, however I cannot find any type of alternative in system settings for that.

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There is an choice Recommfinished apps in Notification panel food selection, however it does nothing and periodically crashes settings.

Galaxy Note 3 via 5.0, global variant.

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AFAIK they cannot be rerelocated without voiding your device"s warranty, as they are incorporated into TouchWiz and are therefore part of the system.

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If you really must obtain those butloads out of your alert panel, then you would either have actually to

recompile SystemUI.apk to rerelocate the section where the buttons are located, oruse a practice ROM that"s not TouchWiz-based.

Either method, you"ll have to void your warranty by obtaining root access in your gadget. (And let me tell you, warranty is such a pain on current Samsung tools, what with the introduction of Samsung KNOX.)


This is how it operated on my rooted Note 4:

install "ROM Toolbox Pro" and go to "root filemanager" browse to root->system->build.prop open up "build.prop" with text-editor and edit the last 3 letters of this line: "" (example: "" to "") save and restart.

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