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Hi allBit of a long winded post this and the suppose factor I have gotten in so a lot information is so I have the right to learn from you. I know some might read this and tell me that the noticeable answer is to go out and also buy an SSD the same or higher size than the resource HDD but I will certainly not learn anypoint that method. Also, I recognize that at some point previously that somejust how (I"ve forgained what I did) I have regulated to migrate a larger size HDD to a smaller sized SSD. So, I am upgrading a core i5 PC that I simply bought off ebay. I"ve already done the RAM and also currently I relocate onto the HDD. The present HDD is as follows:
WD Blue WD5000AZLX (500GB)I went out and also bought a Sandisk SSD Plus 240GBPlease allow me to point out that I am aware that normally 500GB won"t go into 240GB but I know I have somehow regulated this prior to bereason the actual File on the resource HDD is a lot smaller than the capacity on the location SSD.So I open up Macrium Reflect (FREE EDITION) and also the resource HDD is stated as follows:GPT Disk 1 (CA638093-F94B-42EB-B13A-FF5295DCA2A5) - WDC WD5000AZLX-22JKA0 01.01A01 Underneath that label this HDD is break-up into 4 boxes (I presume are partitions)?1 - NO NAME (None) FAT 32 (LBA) Key 26.4MB 100.0MB (I"m guessing that this suggests that 26.4% of the partition is in use?)Selecting this drive reveals EFI System Partition Documents System: FAT 32(LBA)Free Space: 73.6MBTotal Size:100.0MBStart Sector: 2,048End Sector: 206,8472 - (None) Unformatted Primary 16.0 MB 16.0MB (The Blue line is indicating that it is entirely full)Selecting this drive reveals Microsoft booked partitionData System: UnformattedFree Space: 0BTotal Size:16.0MBStart Sector: 206,848End Sector: 239,6153 - HP (C:) NTFS Primary 31.36 GB 465.15GB (The Blue line is indicating that a tiny percent is in use)Selecting this drive reveals HP (D413819B-63BE-4CB7-97E4-4DC8050C872D)File System: NTFSFree Space: 433.78 GBTotal Size:465.15 GBStart Sector: 239,616End Sector: 975,720,1544 - (None) NTFS Key 430.5MB 513.0MB (The Blue line is near the finish indicating that the partition is practically full)Selecting this drive reveals (1E61EBBF-C30B-4D5D-9574-70972E96952E)File System: NTFSFree Space: 82.5 MBTotal Size:513.0 MBStart Sector: 975,720,448End Sector: 976,771,071So, because this was a fresh COMPUTER I already know that the existing set up 500GB HDD is essentially empty and also only has actually the Win10 OS on it and Macrium and so on...Without a doubt, this is proven when I go to My PC and click on the C: drive properties and the adhering to is displayed:HP (C:) PropertiesType: Local DiskDocuments System: NTFSUsed space: 33,676,713,984 bytes (31.3 GB)Free space: 465,769,320,448 bytes (433GB)Capacity: 499,446,034,432 bytesSo, here"s wbelow I somejust how went wrong:I simply dragged partition 3 3 - HP (C:) NTFS Primary 31.36 GB 465.15GB dvery own from the Source and right into the brand-new location SSD Drive. Macrium set about copying and also completed the copy. However before, as soon as I then swapped the boot drives to boot up from the currently SSD all I got was a Black Screen with a White flashing cursor. Obviously, I"ve done something wrong. (I didn"t touch the Bios yet bereason I presume this wouldn"t be forced as soon as altering from a bulky old SATA HDD to a brand-new slim line SATA SSD)So, I am in search of 2 points out of this thread. Firstly...Education. I"m looking to learn from you. Free expertise and so on. After all, this is a money saving website. So, please educate me...Why are tright here 4 partitions below and also not simply one partition? What specifically are these partitions? Why, would the computer not boot once I replicated simply the C: drive over because I "assume" that C: includes all the necessary papers etc ?Secondly...I would choose the resolution to the trouble. Of course, if need be I will certainly just go out and buy a bigger SSD but I"d choose to tinker and type this myself based upon your advice. I"m guessing there may be a method to shrink partitions before/throughout copying to the SSD? Please take into account that I am using Macrium Reflect FREE version and I am only searching for a free resolution. It"s not that I don"t want to spfinish the money bereason as I said, if I am required to fork out for a larger SDD then so be it.Hope you"re all still awake (I wrote this on day 2 of lockdown so I assume you men might have actually some spare time to assist).Thanks in advance all.

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