Not a valid backup location windows 10

USB drives were offered for stored little documents, probably music and also videos also. The usual size was 2GB or 4GB. With time, they have actually advanced fairly a lot and it is common to find USB sticks through a capacity of 64GB or 128GB. With such a size, they are being supplied for storing a backup of mechanism data or creating a photo. However, at times you might such an error message on Windows 10/8/7:

The drive is not a valid backup location

Select the File System as NTFS and check the box beside Fast Layout.Click on Start to initiate the formatting process.

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Open the USB drive and also right-click anywhere inside the major drive window.Select New > Folder.
Name the folder to be created “Image (or anything you please).”Right-click the folder and also choose Properties.
In the Sharing tab, click on Share.

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Verify that the Permission level on the System owner (your username) should be Owner.
Now try to back up your files maintaining the Sub-folder as the backup place.

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Hope this helps!


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