No sound after installing nvidia graphics card

The no sound difficulty occurs to customers via NVIDIA High Definition Audio drivers set up and also it regularly reflects itself when utilizing HDMI to stream audio and also video to various other displays. Sometimes the problem shows up as soon as installing the latest vehicle drivers and also periodically the cause is even more mysterious.

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NVIDIA High Definition Audio No Sound

Either means, many kind of individuals faced the very same difficulty and also they were able to come up through their own approaches of resolving the difficulties. We have actually decided to incorporate these techniques and also put them together in an write-up. Make certain you follow the services listed below very closely in order to deal with this issue!

What Caprovides the NVIDIA High Definition Audio No Sound Problem on Windows?

This difficulty is resulted in by many type of different things which are often graphics-associated and the troubleshooting measures regularly focus on graphics gadgets and also vehicle drivers instead of audio ones. We have actually come up via a list you deserve to visit to find out your very own scenario and also possibly settle the trouble. Check it out below!

The default audio output device is adjusted – Some alters you make to your computers such as installing brand-new Windows or driver updays deserve to change the default audio output gadget and also you will should readjust it ago.Onboard sound disabled in BIOS – Users have actually reported that installing brand-new drivers disabled the onboard sound tool in BIOS and also you will certainly need to revolve it ago on.

Solution 1: Change Your Audio Output Device

It’s rather feasible that a recent adjust such as a brand-new Windows upday or brand-new driver set up resulted in particular points to change. New updates have the right to sometimes adjust the default audio output tool to HDMI when it must be collection to your speakers or headphones. Vice versa is also feasible. Follow the measures listed below in order to change your default audio output gadget.

Right-click on the Volume symbol situated at the bottom best part of your display screen and pick the Playearlier devices An alternate way would be to open up the Control Panel on your COMPUTER and collection the View by choice to Large icons. After that, find and also click the Sounds alternative in order to open up the very same home window.Stay in the Playback tab of the Sound window which simply opened up.
Playago devicesYou must currently have the ability to check out the playago gadget you want to collection as default. If that is not the situation, right-click all over in the middle of the home window and examine the boxes beside the Sjust how Disabled Devices and also Sjust how Disconnected Devices Your gadget should currently appear.
Sjust how disabled gadgets (Playago devices)Left-click on the freshly showed up tool and click the Set Default button listed below which should switch the sound to them as soon as it’s linked.

Equipment 2: Update or Rollearlier Graphics Drivers

This trouble deserve to be brought about both by outdated drivers which can’t work-related well with your device or by the newest drivers, as reported by some users. Even though some individuals are hesitant around updating graphics drivers in order to settle audio issues, you must definitely check out this approach as is has aided plenty of individuals resolve their troubles.

Click the Start menu button, form in “Device Manager” afterward, and also pick it from the list of obtainable results by ssuggest clicking the initially one. You have the right to additionally tap the Windows Key + R vital combo in order to lug up the Run dialog box. Type in “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box and click OK in order to run it.Running Device ManagerSince it’s the video card driver you want to upday on your computer system, expand the Display adapters section, right-click on your graphics card and also select the Uninstall Device.
Uninstalling the graphics card adapterConfirm any dialogues or prompts which might ask you to confirm the uninstallation of the present graphics device driver and also wait for the process to complete.
NVIDIA’s driversA list of all obtainable vehicle drivers need to show up. Make certain you scroll dvery own till you reach the required enattempt, click on its name and also the Download switch afterward. Save it to your computer system, open it, and follow the instructions on-screen.When you reach the Installation Options screen, pick the Custom (Advanced) alternative prior to clicking Next. You will certainly be presented via a list of components that will be mounted. Check package next to the Perdevelop a clean installation box and also click Next off and also install the driver.
Clean install of NVIDIA’s driverCheck to see if the difficulty has been resolved and if NVIDIA Control Panel still displays the Access Denied message!

Alternative: Rollback the Driver

For the individuals for which the difficulty started to show up after they have actually installed the latest chauffeurs for their graphics card, tbelow is a different strategy they can use. It requires rolling ago the graphics card driver.

This procedure will look for backup records of the driver which was set up prior to the the majority of current updays and also that driver will certainly be set up instead.

First of all, you will must uninstall the driver you presently have set up on your machine.Type “Device Manager” into the search field alongside the Start food selection button to open up the device manager home window. You have the right to additionally use the Windows Key + R vital combination in order to open the Run dialog box. Type devmgmt.msc in package and also click OK or Enter vital.Running Device ManagerExpand also the “Display Adapters” area. This will screen all network-related adapters that the machine has actually installed at the minute.Right-click on the display screen adapter you desire to rollago and also choose Properties. After the Properties home window opens up, navigate to the Driver tab and locate the Roll Back Driver
Rolling earlier the graphics driverIf the choice is grayed out, it indicates that the gadget wasn’t updated freshly or it has actually no backup files remembering the old driver.If the choice is accessible to click, perform so and also follow the instructions on-screen to continue with the process.

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Solution 3: Enable Onboard Sound in BIOS

Sometimes the onboard sound gadget is immediately disabled once exterior sound tools are connected or once a brand-new graphics card driver is mounted. It’s a weird difficulty yet enabling the sound gadget in BIOS is rather basic if you follow the measures below carefully.

Turn your COMPUTER on and also try to enter BIOS settings by pushing the BIOS key as the device is about to begin. The BIOS key is typically displayed on the boot screen, saying “Press ___ to enter Setup.” or somepoint similar. Tbelow are various other secrets too. The usual BIOS secrets are F1, F2, Del, etc.
Press __ to run SetupNow it’s time to allow the onboard sound. The choice which you will must readjust is located under different tabs on BIOS firmware tools made by various manufacturers and also tright here is no distinct method to discover it. It’s commonly located under the Advanced tab but tbelow are many type of names for the very same option.Use the arrowhead keys to navigate to the State-of-the-art tab or a similar sounding tab inside BIOS. Inside, select an choice named Onboard, Device Configuration, Incorporated Peripherals or something equivalent inside.
Onboard devices configuration in BIOSAfter selecting the alternative, you will have the ability to find sound settings under Audio Controller or something comparable and also you deserve to enable it by tapping the EnterNavigate to the Exit section and pick to Exit Saving Changes. This will continue through the computer’s boot. Check to check out if the difficulty persists.

Equipment 4: Using High Definition Audio Driver

For some individuals, the Nvidia High Definition Audio Driver doesn’t occupational so in this step, we will be altering the installation of this driver to simply “High Definition Audio Driver”. It sounds weird however this fixes this problem for some people so it is great to provide it a go. In order to execute so:

Press “Windows” + “R” to open the gadget manager.Type in “Devmgmt.msc” and push “Enter”.
Running the Device ManagerExpand the “Sound, video and also game controllers” section and right-click the “Nvidia High Definition Audio Device” choice.Select the “Properties” button and then click the “Driver” tab.Select the “Update Driver” alternative and choose the “Browser my Computer for Driver Software” button.
Browser for the driver manuallyAfter that, click the “Let me pick from a list of Available Software” alternative.Select the “High Definition Audio Device” and click on “Next”.Follow the prompts to install this driver and check to check out if the worry persists.

Systems 5: Disabling Other Drivers

In some situations, there might be particular vehicle drivers installed in the device manager that is avoiding you from being able to usage Nvidia Hight Definition driver. As such, it is recommfinished that you disable these motorists and also then inspect if the problem is fixed. In order to execute so:

Press “Windows” + “R” to open the run prompt.Type in “devmgmt.msc” and press “Enter”.Type devmgmt.msc and Press Enter to Open Device ManagerExpand the “System Devices” alternative and look for a driver that has “SST” in it (Particularly somepoint like Intel Smart Sound Technology).Right-click this driver and pick “Update Driver”.Select the “Browser my Computer for Driver Software” switch and click on the “Let me pick from a list of Available Software” option.
Click on Let me pick from a list of available vehicle drivers on my computerSelect the “High Definition Audio Device” and click on “Next”.Follow the prompts to install this driver and check to view if the worry persists.
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How to Fix the NVIDIA High Definition Audio no Sound Problem on Windows?

If the issue is through your Computer or a Lapheight you must try making use of Restoro which deserve to sdeserve to the repositories and rearea corrupt and lacking files. This works in most instances, where the problem is originated as a result of a system corruption. You have the right to download Restoro by clicking the Downpack button below.