No sound after installing graphics card windows 10

I bought GeForce GT 710 graphics card and also it seems that its sound device disables my built-in sound card.

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My COMPUTER is a small little old and also the latest update of sound card vehicle drivers is compatible through Windows 7. For many type of factors, I"d favor to use Windows 10.

In the past, I provided the generic audio drivers that comes via Windows 10. Now, it appears that the chauffeurs of the graphics card override the generic audio vehicle drivers of Windows 10.

How deserve to I usage Windows 10 sound chauffeurs to run my old built-in sound card? Can I use Windows repair or somepoint favor that to reinstall the drivers? Are tright here general motorists that are compatible via Windows 10 and run Intel sound cards?


I dont believe that the NVidia card must be disabling the Intel sound card. I"ve never before checked out such habits prior to.

Try downloading and install and running the Intel Driver & Support Assistant software application. It should detect your Intel sound card and also install the latest driver for it. Also note if there are any kind of errors throughout any type of driver updays.

At ideal, this resolves the issue. At worst, you recognize you are running the correct and also a lot of up-to-day driver for your Intel sound chipcollection.

Update us through any brand-new information.


If I"m ideal at guessing that it may be a basic concern, then it have to be quick to fix. In Windows 10 go to Sound Setups, either using appropriate clicking the speakers symbol in the taskbar or via Settings (Windows Key, then appropriate click Windows Icon), then System, Sound.

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NVIDIA Install might have readjusted your sound settings so that on the peak of the sound settings page NVIDIA sound is selected as output. If so then change (back) to your original sound output. ("Choose your output device.)If this fixes it, then fine. If this is a much more complex worry, pardon.

NVIDIA Sound Output:


Original Speakers Output:



I had a very comparable difficulty with a GT710 in Windows 10.My HP motherboard Realtek ALC262 sound card is no much longer an available option in Device Manager after I install the GT710, just the NVIDIA HDMI is easily accessible.When I swap earlier to the old video card the Realtek sound card becomes an option in Device Manager again.


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