No sli option in nvidia control panel

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I newly had actually worries via my lappeak getting an intermittent BSOD as a result of an outdated nvidia driver. After updating I have no option to permit SLI. I formerly had actually a tray symbol which could allow SLI. In the nvidia manage panel it claims SLI is disabled. I played a game which confirmed that the cards aren"t enabled, however oddly the fans are now going complete speed even when no programs are running. Geforce 341.98 driverWindows 7 64 little bit Gepressure 9400M GGeforce GTX 260M x2Alienware m17x (2009)I have the right to pick maximize 3d performance and also a note appears saying that "this setup is not optimal". On Nvidia"s site the motorists say that hybrid graphics are no much longer supported. Is my computer system just not sustained by these drivers anymore?

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I fixed my worries. It was due to the truth that sli isn"t supported by that driver, so I looked on dell (I thought I did that prior to, yet I guess not) and got an older driver.

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