No mans sky crashes on startup


Run into No Man’s Crashing as soon as you are playing it on your PC? If yes, you pertained to the best place. In this article, focuses on this issue, explaining why this worry emerges and mirroring the 6 feasible fixes.

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Released worldwide for Microsoft Windows in 2016, No Man’s Sky has been pelevated for the technological achievements of the procedurally generated universe: players are totally free to perdevelop within the whole of a procedurally produced deterministic open-world cosmos, which contains 18 quintillion planets that have their very own ecounits via unique creates of flora and fauna.

The shine of No Man’s Sky has actually attracted loads of players, however some players reported that the game keeps crashing on COMPUTER. Why does this problem happen? How to get rid of this issue? Continue reading.

Reasons for No Man’s Sky Crashing on PC

When No Man’s Sky keeps crashing on PC, you have to pay heed to the complying with aspects:

Your COMPUTER is under the minimum system demands for No Man’s Sky;The game version you are running is old and has actually some bugs;Some records of the game can be lacking or corrupted;The conserve files or shaderCache might be corrupted;Mods are not updated;The graphics card driver is lacking or gets outdated;The partition the game is mounted on has actually bit complimentary space;The PC CPU has been overlocked.

Based on these reasons, I list some fixes to No Man’s Sky crashing listed below and you have the right to attempt them one by one till you get rid of the issue.

Before Fixing the Game Crash: Make Sure Your COMPUTER Meets the Minimum System Requirements

According to the, you need to make certain the adhering to items to play No Man’s Sky appropriately on your COMPUTER.

Now, let’s inspect your COMPUTER specifications. Firstly, confirm the Windows variation and also its type, CPU, and also RAM you are making use of by clicking Start > Settings > System > About.


Secondly, relocate to check the video card indevelopment.

Press Windows + R to contact out the Run dialogue.Input dxdiag in the Run home window and then hit the Enter vital.On the brand-new home window, click the Display tab and also look at the Name filed in the Device section.


If your computer is under these needs, you’d much better upgrade your hardware first and also then attempt the following options to solve No Man’s Sky crashing on loading display screen.

How to Make Your PC Meet the System Requirements of Fallout 4?

Fixes to No Man’s Sky Crashing on PC

Upday Your No Man’s Sky;Verify the Integrity of Game Files;Rerelocate Save Files, ShaderCache, and also Mod files;Update graphics card driver;Free up the partition saving the game;Stop overclocking CPU.

Fix 1: Upday Your No Man’s Sky

When you enrespond to a game crash, like No Man’s Sky crashing, the many fundamental fix would be to ensure the game is as much as date. If you run the old game variation, the bugs in the game could bring about game crash.

The tutorial on updating the game to its latest version is below:

Step 1: Make certain your computer has an Net connection.

Step 2: Launch your Steam app and also right-click No Man’s Sky under the Library tab to choose Properties.

Tip 3: Navigate to the UPDATES tab and then set the Automatic updates to High Priority.

Fix 2: Verify the Integrity of Video Game Files

No Man’s Sky demands all records being finish to run correctly. So, the game is around to crash if some documents are lacking or gain corrupted.

To inspect the integrity of the records of No Man’s Sky, you can describe the adhering to pointer.

Tip 1: Right-click No Man’s Sky under the Steam Library tab and also then select Properties.

Step 2: Go to the LOCAL FILES tab and also click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES. After that, Steam will verify game papers and also fix any type of detected troubles in some minutes.


Fix 3: Remove Save Files & ShaderCache & Mod Files

Corrupted conserve documents, ShadeCache, Mod papers have the right to likewise reason No Man’s Sky crashing on COMPUTER. Thus, you have to rerelocate them from your computer system.

Rerelocate Save Files

The adhering to steps will certainly delete all the conserve records and also therefore you must ago them up initially.

Tip 1: Type %Appdata% in the Windows search bar and also then hit the Enter vital to open up the AppData folder.

Step 2: Expand also the Hellogame folder > No Man’s Sky folder and also delete everything in the second folder.

After deleting all the game conserves, please run the game aobtain and also watch if it keeps crashing on COMPUTER. If the game crash happens aobtain, please continue to remove other papers.

Remove ShaderCache

ShaderCache is used while loading the shaders. In this solution, you execute not must earlier it up, in that it have the right to be automatically regenerated if it is absent.

Tip 1: Open Data Explorer and then follow the adhering to path:

Go to Steam > Steamapps > Common > No Man’s Sky > GAMEDATA > SHADERCACHE

Tip 2: Delete the SHADERCACHE folder and also relaunch the game to view if the game runs correctly.

Rerelocate Mod Files

Mods have come to be an significantly important variable in the commercial success of some games given that they have the right to improve the gameplay and even visuals. No Man’s Sky additionally has actually loads of Mods. However, if the Modes are outdated and cannot assistance the latest version of the game, the game crash would happen. So, let’s try rerelocating the Mod Files for the game.

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Tip 1: Go to the complying with path:

C:SteamLibrarysteamappscommonNo Man’s SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS

Step 2: Delete all the Mod records for Mod installation.

After the 2 actions, please run the game aget and check out if it keeps crashing on COMPUTER.

Fix 4: Update Graphics Card Driver

When the graphics card driver is absent or outdated, No Man’s Sky will additionally crash on COMPUTER. Therefore, you deserve to try updating the driver to dominance out the reason of the worry.

How to upday the outdated graphics card driver? Here is the tutorial on updating the graphics driver on Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Device Manager by right-clicking the Windows icon on the toolbar and then picking Device Manager from the food selection.

Tip 2: Expand the Display adapters.

Tip 3: Double-click the graphics card that cloud be “Standard VGA Controller”, “Intel Graphics”, “AMD Radeon”, and so on. Then select Upday Driver under the Driver tab.


Step 4: On the brand-new window, select Seach immediately for updated driver software. This option may find an upday for you.


Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the graphics card driver updating.

If this does not work, you have to go to the manufacture’s website of your graphics card to look for the latest correct driver. Practically speaking, there are just three significant graphics driver makers: Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD.

Fix 5: Free up the Partition Saving the Game

When you are playing a game on your COMPUTER, there are several momentary documents and also they will certainly be conserved in the disk. When the disk is full, you will certainly receive an error, i.e. tright here is not sufficient storage room to procedure this command, and periodically game crash even happens.

So, you have to examine the cost-free storage of the partition wbelow you No Man’s Sky is conserved. If tright here is little bit cost-free room, you must free up the partition now.

Here I recommend that you try MiniDevice Partition Wizard that can help you analyze your disk area and also include totally free area to one partition with a couple of clicks.

How to run this toolkit? Here is the tutorial.

Tip 1: Downfill the routine, install it on your computer system, and also launch it to get its primary interconfront.

Free Download

Step 2: Highlight the partition you desire to extend and also then select the Extend Partition from the left panel.


Step 3: Choose another partition or unallocated space to take cost-free space from it and also move the slide bar to determine just how a lot complimentary space you want to include to the highlighted partition. Then, click OK to confirm.


Tip 4: Click the Apply switch at the bottom to execute the changes.


After the above steps, you will certainly watch the highlighted partition has actually enough space and also you deserve to run No Man’s Sky aget to check out if the issue has been solved.

As we recognize, nowadays the game dimension becomes bigger. If you are a game lover, you have the right to pick to upgrade your interior hard disk to a larger one or prepare a big sufficient external hard drive, choose 8TB.

Fix 6: Stop Overclocking CPU

Have you ever overclocked your CPU for a better game experience? You deserve to overclock your CPU to run at a greater speed than its official rate grade. However before, running the processor at higher speeds wears the processor dvery own quicker and may cause your game stuck on loading or even crashing. So, to sheight No Man’s Sky from crashing, you should collection your CPU clock rate price ago to default.

Step 1: Shut down your computer, power it up, and also wait for the boot display screen to present up

Step 2: Press the Delete crucial or F1 essential to accessibility the BIOS of your motherboard during the boot display screen.

Tip 3: After accessing the BIOS, please go to the Modern Chipcollection Features > CPU Multiplier > Rekeep Default Settings.

Step 4: Click F10 to conserve the alters and restart your computer to apply the changes.

After the four steps, your CPU have to be running at default speeds bow and you can examine whether the game crash happens again.

Have you gained rid of No Man’s Sky crashing on PC? If not, you can try the fixes stated in the post. I have tried some of them, they were helpful.Click to tweet

Computer Crashes When Playing Games! – Here Are Solutions

Bottom Line

Have you stopped No Man’s Sky from avoiding on your PC? I hope the mentioned fixes deserve to aid you troubleshoot the game crash. If you have actually some doubts about these fixes, please create them dvery own in the adhering to comment zone and also we will reply to you ASAP.

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It might be your first time to free up disk room through Partition Wizard. If you have some inquiries once making use of this toolkit, please contact us through .