No efi system partition was found ubuntu

I am trying to install ubuntu alengthy side with windows 10, complying with the official instructions provided at

Here are screen shots ofstorage monitoring (I have shrunk the D disk for installing ubuntu):

the boot-up menu:

and installation problem (NO EFI System Partition was Found):


yes that"s correct, once you customize your own partitions favor you have actually done here you should develop a tiny partition just for efi. So go earlier and create a partition in a dimension of 256MB and pick efi as mount point.

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You have the right to read more about recommended partitions here


I had the exact same problem. Try transforming the size of the RAM alarea (SWAP). The size of this partition must be at leastern equal to the dimension of mechanism RAM.


Your initially partition is FAT32 by format, however you should pick EFI System Partition in the "right click→usage as…" Dialog. (which of course suggests FAT32, but not the other means round)



initially of go into the hard disk drive"s /boot/efi folder and rename the file grubx64.efi to mmx64.efi or various other layouts.

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Reboot the machine and also it must job-related.

This time once you are installing develop a partition about 256MB and choose main and also EFI mechanism partition. I hope this helps


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