No boot sector on internal hard drive

I"m working on an old DELL Latitude C810. When I begin it up the following message is presented.

Invalid configuration Please run setup regime Time of day not collection Strike the F1 vital to proceed.

When I proceed the following message is displayed

No boot sector on diskNo bootable devices.

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I tried reinstalling home windows yet the laptop does not seem to boot from the CD ROM also after altering the boot order. I will certainly attempt installing from an outside CD /DVD writer following. If anyone has any type of advice please let me know



Unmuch less this lappeak isn"t supplied for much in regards to any kind of power applications, time invested "troubleshooting" this is most likely not worth it compared to the price of acquiring a replacement. It doesn"t must be an expensive, effective replacement to already gain better performance than you have the right to ever obtain from this, also working at peak performance with no worries.

Both difficult drive and also CDROM concerns, on such old hardware, I would say the controller on the motherboard gave out or something acquired unplugged/loose. The Date/Time likewise goes back to motherboard and also CMOS battery.

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Up to you exactly how a lot time and effort you want to spend on it, however store in mind you may additionally run right into worries trying to boot from USB devices relying on if the BIOS also has that capability on such old hardware. You might inspect for a BIOS update from Dell"s webwebsite, however really, you"re chasing your tail with this if it"s being provided for any more than continual word processing, light internet browsing.

Even via some basic troubleshooting that you can attempt, the expense per hour I would certainly charge to work on somepoint choose this would not be worth it and I would certainly tell my customer they are much better off taking that money and also putting it in the direction of a new one instead of offering it to me. I would certainly be even more than happy to charge them to pull the old hard drive and also try to copy any kind of available old data they essential to the brand-new computer, though.

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