No amd graphics driver is installed windows 10 hp

The error “No AMD Graphics driver is installed” generally indicates that tbelow is no driver currently controlling your AMD hardware either on PC’s or on your laptop. This worry commonly arises as soon as either the driver is corrupt, or the driver installed is not compatible with your AMD hardware.

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Tbelow are numerous simple remedies to fix this error problem. Start with the first solution and also work-related your method down as necessary.

Solution 1: Updating/rolling back Graphics drivers

We will try updating the graphics driver either manually or instantly. In addition, we will additionally usage an application called as Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU). This will encertain that all remnants of the old display driver are rerelocated so they don’t make problems for us later.

Furthermore, if updating the motorists don’t occupational for you, you should think about rolling back the motorists to a previous build. Tright here are many kind of cases wright here the newer driver isn’t stable via your gadget and reasons difficulties.

Tip: Before proceeding via this solution, you have the right to likewise try simple disabling and also re-allowing the hardware. This may rerelocate inequalities (if present).

Install the utility Display Driver Uninstaller. You can proceed without this action yet this ensures that tright here are no remnants of the vehicle drivers.

After booting your computer right into safe mode, launch the application which was just set up (DDU).After launching the application, select the first alternative “Clean and restart”. The application will then automatically uninstall the set up chauffeurs and rebegin your computer system accordingly.


Boot your computer ago right into safe mode, push Windows + R, form “devmgmt.

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msc” in the dialogue box and press Get in. In most situations, the default chauffeurs will be mounted against the hardware. If not, right-click any type of empty area and also choose “Shave the right to for hardware changes”.Now there are two choices. Either you deserve to search digital for the latest driver easily accessible for your hardware from the manufacturer’s website such as NVIDIA etc. (and install manually) or you have the right to let Windows install the latest version itself (search for updays automatically).

First, you should try updating the hardware automatically. Tright here are some windows updays which automatically fixes the AMD driver problem. Right-click on your hardware and also select “Update driver”. Select the first option “Search instantly for updated driver software”. Choose the second option if you are updating manually and also select “Browse for driver” and navigate to the place where you downloaded.


Restart your computer after installing the vehicle drivers and also check out if the display screen flickering acquired addressed.

Equipment 2: Updating from the website

Anvarious other which you have the right to attempt is updating the chauffeurs by downloading and install from AMD’s website. From tright here, initially you have to choose the kind of AMD graphics card you are utilizing and also then a list of chauffeurs will come forth. Select the latest driver and downfill the installer to an accessible location.


Once the driver is downloaded, simply run the installer and also driver will be set up. Rebegin your computer system and also watch if the error message went away.

Note: You have the right to also try downloading and install other AMD software on your computer system. Or if they are already installed, try uninstalling them and check if that makes a difference. If all the techniques fail, it probably implies that you need to perform a clean install of Windows.

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Also, install the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework from its official webwebsite. Reboot your computer system after installing the frame to implement all the alters. Not just install the .NET frameworks but likewise install DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ etc updates.