Nexus 7 not showing up on pc

It supplied to work just fine then I upated to 4.2 and enabled developer alternatives (one or the other should have damaged it) and also because then it has quit functioning, it reflects up as a cameran equipment but if I readjust it to MTP it doesn"t job-related.

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I tried turning developer options off, I tried re-installing vehicle drivers and also a few various other points.

How do I make it occupational aobtain choose it remained in 4.1 when it functioned also when usb debugging was enabled? Now it will not job-related at all.



What worked for me (on Windows) was:

Plug the Nexus 7 right into your computer through the USB cable.Open Device Manager: Start -> Run (or Win+R), form in: devmgmt.msc and also hit enter. This opens up up the tool manager.Find " Compowebsite ADB Device" close to the peak and expand also the node. Double click the tool. (Note: Sorry, I don"t check out it anyeven more so it can be called slightly differently.)In the properties window that pops up, uninstall the driver. You should select to delete the existing driver as well.Unplug the tablet and also plug it back in.

At this allude mine gained recognized as a Nexus 7 instead of an ADB gadget and permitted me to transport documents aacquire.

I"m not certain just how this will certainly affect debugging (especially if you delete the old driver) yet it operated for me after days of searching.

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Tried above steps. Trying to attach a Nexus 7 to Win7-64. The gadget in the Computer Management/Device Manager/Portable Devices, offered to say Nexus 7, currently it states MTP USB Device and has actually the ! via This device cannot begin. (Code 10)., this implies uninstalling all tools and also reinstalling them. I did that via my three other devices and also the Nexus7. There was a USB hub that had those 3 plugged in, so I simply unplugged the whole hub. Replugged Nexus7 to USB, it uncovered it (when I went to Disk Management and also did a rescan). Once Nexus7 was known, I plugged the hub back in and all wtoo again.


This bug happens in some instances as soon as upgrading. I addressed mine by transforming easily in between MTP and also Camera via the USB unplugged, then I put it back to MTP aobtain and it functioned fine when I plugged the USB ago in

To readjust these settings go to Settings> StorageThen click the little food selection switch in the peak appropriate edge and click USB computer system conntection.


I preserved on getting "This gadget cannot begin. (Code 10)." and after hrs of repetitively reinstalling drivers all it took to fix the trouble was rebooting the actual phone.

In summary: do not assume Windows is at fault, it can be the phone. Try rebooting it after installing brand-new vehicle drivers.

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I had the very same happening even to me. I ended up gaining it to occupational by going to the tool manager and uninstalling the device (it was arriving as Samsung phone). Then I unplugged it, plugged it ago in and it was installed again immediately, working fine and getting here in MTP mode as Nexus 10.

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