New motherboard mouse and keyboard not working

I gained my inheritance money, and also bought some brand-new hardware. My move of my Linux os was fine, via the unfortunate result of my 1tb drive dying. But that’s not my problem.

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Windows boots up, appears to be all set for me to log in, yet my keyboard doesn’t occupational, nor does my computer mouse. I think Windows doesn’t have actually any type of chauffeurs for my usb ports. Is tbelow a way to resolve this? I’ve tried booting right into safe mode, and also the outcomes are equivalent.

Am I doomed to simply re-install my windows, or is tright here a means to solve this ? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Got any type of USB to PS/2 adaprtos roughly. That have to not call for vehicle drivers and you have the right to obtain about with a key-board for as lengthy as it takes to acquire the vehicle drivers you require.

I booted the raw disk in a VM and set up the chauffeurs with pnputil in command also prompt. You might have the ability to boot to command also prompt or usage a usb2 PCI card…

I guess I’m ordering a usb2ps/2 adaptor. I threw out my last one a pair months ago lol. forgained around those ports! And new motherboard has actually one!

Does your keyboard work-related in the bios/uefi. If so do you have an alternative to turn on usb legacy support in the bios. That might settle it.

Yeah they can be handy to have actually approximately. I have actually a bucket of various wires and bits that are seldom supplied however I know once I throw them out that in will require them.

Does the home windows variation being windows 7?And does your brand-new motherboard just have actually usb 3.x ports?Then yes you must install chauffeurs firstly prior to those usb 3.x ports will certainly work-related.Due to the fact that windows 7 by default does not assistance usb3.

If its windows 10 then it basically have to work.Hower sometimes you should login firstly before it re-installs all the chauffeurs.

Only solution being usb to ps2 adapter, and usage the driver cd or downpack the latest drivers in case of windows 7.

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Is tbelow anymeans to insert the chauffeurs into Success 7’s driver pool while I’m in LInux? Or is that a particular point that hregarding be done by windows itself?

And no, the usb 2 ports aren’t even detected. Which is weird asf.

I understand for XP tright here was slipstreaming vehicle drivers onto the ISO so it would detect various other things during install. Not certain if this can be done injecting from Linux however try looking in that direction.

Zibob did point out, it is possible to slipstream usb3.0 vehicle drivers right into an existing iso.The just way i see it, would certainly be to usage a ps2 keyboard to get acces to windows.Then install the usb vehicle drivers from the driver cd.

But which motherboard did you get?

Also because you readjusted your motherboard, your windows activation will likewise fail.Unmuch less you have actually an retail license.

Getting home windows 7 installed on newer platdevelops,through motherboards that down have any kind of usb 2.0 ports.Is kinda a pain in the ass.

I acquired this motherboard:


ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 AM4 AMD Promontory B350 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1...

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And windows seems to work perfectly fine. I was an insider for 7 and have a lifetime licence for it, so I think that will certainly work fine. Either means, that home windows 7 never before sees the internet. I have actually all networking gadgets turned off for it. I don’t have actually any type of games that need internet connection.

I hope I deserve to just make an ISO of the cdrom, or download the usb chauffeurs for this motherboard, put them on a usb stick and also then install them that way, as soon as I obtain my usb to ps2 adapter.

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I solved this! I got the ps/2 adaptor, and went onto the mb manufacturer’s webwebsite and downloaded their usb injection tool. was gonna simply reinstall windows.

Then I thought around it. Opened the folders of the tool, and also the vehicle drivers were actually in tright here. So I checked out device manager and also just directed it to wbelow those chauffeurs were, and boom. USB 3.0 and 3.1 worked! So happy!

Tright here are various other things on the mb that don’t have actually drivers, and I have to probably re-install home windows. But I’m satisfied that every little thing functions fine and also I have the right to install games I can’t run in Linux. So I’m excellent. If there comes a difficulty with it, I’ll upday this thread!