Netgear router 5ghz not showing up

Since initial install, I"ve never been able to acquire the 5Ghz wifi up. It does not present in any of my devices no matter what channel I select. See pic attached...V1.3.0.8_1.0.93 firmware, I"ve tried re-flashing, rebooting, and so on.

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> See pic attached... The "Channel" worth ("") looks bad. Anypoint amazing in the(even more detailed) ADVANCED > Setup > Wireless Setup or ADVANCED > AdvancedSetup > Wiremuch less Settings pages?> V1.3.0.8_1.0.93 firmware, I"ve tried re-flashing, rebooting, and so on After "re-flashing" (which could suppose many type of things), did you restoresaved settings (which could be scrambled), or manually reconfigureevery little thing (safer)? If the latest firmware variation can"t be made to work, then I"d tryone (or more) of the "Previous Versions".


wrote:It does not present in any kind of of my devices no issue what channel I select. These wifi devices deserve to work on 5GHz? Many do not and will never see it.Is the 5GHz LED lit?
Just one more user.My netjob-related DM200 -> R7800 -> GS316 -> PL1000 -> Orbi RBR40 -> Orbi RBS50Y -> RBS40V

This occurred trying to connect a pair of protection cameras that compelled 5g be disiabled because they only functioned on 2.4. Not certain if this caused the issue but after tinkering around in progressed settings, all was allowed for 5g but nothing could attach. Turns out, the name and also password had been readjusted to the exact same as the 2.4 settings. Wonder how... To get 5g on tools again, just adjusted the name and also password ago to what it was for 5g.
> This occurred trying to attach a pair of defense camages that> compelled 5g be disiabled considering that they only worked on 2.4. <...> Huh? Why would certainly you think that allowing the 5GHz radio(s) on a routerwould cause difficulties for any 2.4GHz-only device?
wrote:This happened trying to attach a couple of security cameras that forced 5g be disiabled given that they just worked on 2.4. Security camperiods generally go for 2.4 GHz bereason it is quick enough and has actually a much longer selection than 5GHz. But tbelow is no reason why the cameras have to demand also that you disable 5 GHz. They can"t see 5 GHz and also will not attempt to affix.So whoever told you to disable 2.4 GHz was peddling what istechnically known as b*ll*cks. If that instruction came from the makers, I"d treat its advice, and perhaps its products, with caution.
Just another user.My network DM200 -> R7800 -> GS316 -> PL1000 -> Orbi RBR40 -> Orbi RBS50Y -> RBS40V
Flamelted via old firmware, adjusted the passwords, turned on and off smart connect, nopoint worked. Any other ideas? I guess I can try a reset to manufacturing facility defaults.

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Looks various from neatgear router ac1900 but it looks choose you have actually no name for either, plus, check your channel for 5g. You might likewise try toggling the 5g ssid broadactors and also using a couple times. Had success when coming ago to the settings and found "enable" was not checked. Checked box and also applied, wait a few seconds and also see if it sticks yet, it seems favor assigning a sepaprice name to 2.4 and also 5g might aid.
So I did a fully factory reset, and inspect this out...attached is a snapshot of what the 5Ghz looks prefer currently. How odd is that symbol by the channel?Even stranger - as soon as I wired in to the recently recollection rexternal, the defaul SSID of the 5Ghz wifi is the same SSID that reflects up on my laptop as my ethernet-associated network: vr-tab-quebec.com28-5G.
Nope, no luck - watch the screenshot. the 5Ghz LED is lit white, but no luck below.I provide up. I"m going to RMA this thing.

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> How odd is that symbol by the channel? It"s odd, however comparable oddities have been reported below in the past.> <...> I did a totally factory reset, <...> Did you reconnumber the point manually, or did you attempt to restoresaved settings? If the settings are scrambled (which the invalidcharacters would certainly suggest), then restoring old settings can gain back oldtroubles.