Multi monitor feature is not enabled


The dual-monitor display screen attribute enables the video layout and display share content to be inserted on two sepaprice monitors/display screens. Gallery or speaker view have the right to be shown on one monitor while the other monitor screens a content share. This is helpful for PPT presentations and also hiding notes from the participants.

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Prerequisites desktop computer client for Windows, Mac, or LinuxDual monitors enabled on your systemCPU: i5+ Quad Core (or higher) | i5+ Duo Core (or higher) 2GHz+RAM: 4GB+

Note:Resee the adhering to documentation on configuring dual monitors.

Enabling dual monitors

Windows |

To permit the dual monitors attribute for your own use:

Sign in to the Client.Click your profile photo then clickSettings.
Click the General tab.

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Navigate to the Use dual monitorschoice andverify that the setting is enabled.


To permit the dual-monitor attribute for your very own use:

Click your profile picture then click Settings.
In the General tab, navigate to the Use dual monitors option and also verify it"s allowed.

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Using dual-monitor display screens in a Meeting

After joining or founding a meeting, you will view a home window on each monitor. The meeting controls and also participant"s video will certainly display on one monitor, while the other monitor will simply display participants" video.

When you begin sharing your display, you can proceed to view participant"s video on the other monitor: