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Does anyone know a method to move an existing project from one Windows netjob-related printer to another?Apparently some SAP applications are "hard coded" to output to specific printers, at leastern as implemented by our SAP contractor. If among those printers is dvery own, I do not understand of a way to move the queued print job to an additional netjob-related printer.If essential I"ll investigate third-party printer utilities, however obviously I"d like to do it within typical Windows. Our print server is running Windows 2000 SP4.Thanks.

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I found a utility athttp://www.andmodern they do have actually a fee-based variation of this app, the complimentary version will allow you to move tasks between print queues, even in between servers.


I was able to readjust the settings of the original printer to those of the default printer. First, I included a printer from the Control Panel/Printers tab using the autodiscover for Network-related printers. I think this created a TCP/IP address. Using the Printer/Properties/Cutting edge tab, I changed the driver to the very same one as the default printer (an HP C6100 wireless). Then, utilizing the Printer/Properties/Port tab, adjusted the port to the unused TCP/IP deal with and the tasks startedd printing immediately.Good luck!


I am brand-new to Tech Republic, yet I have the same scenario through SAP tough coded printers. All print jobs go to Printer "A" but i wan"t some to go to printer "B", is there a means to execute this? Or did you discover a occupational around? Any aid would certainly be great! Thanks!

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When printer 1 is dvery own, why not just adjust the IP of a functioning printer, to be the IP that printer 1 had?If this was a high-stakes environment, you would actually have a 2nd printer standing by, through the exact same IP, but turned off - so once printer 1 falls short, you just revolve on the one next to it and it works! You deserve to also carry out this remotely from your desk through a remote reboot or Ethernet PDU kind gadget, plug each printer into it and also power-cycle each outlet remotely :)

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