Monitor cannot display this video mode

Display shows: CANNOT DISPLAY THIS VIDEO MODE...?: Input signal from your computer is not in a conventional video mode or is out of the monitor’s scanning range.

Unplug all cables, then connect your COMPUTER to the monitor that you provided previously.

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In the Windows Start Menu, choose Settings/Control Panel. In the Control Panel Window, pick the Display icon. Inside the Display Control Panel, select the "Settings" tab. Under the setting tab, in box labeled "desktop area", move the slidebar to 1024x768 pixels (15”), 1280x1024 pixels (17”/19”), 1440x900
60Hz (23” wide).

Open "Modern Properties" and collection the Refresh Rate to 60Hz, then click OK.

Rebegin your computer and also repeat step 2 and also 3 to verify that your PC is set at 1024x768 pixels (15”), 1280x1024 pixels (17”/19”), 1440x900
60Hz (23” wide).

Shut dvery own your computer system, disattach your old monitor and also reaffix your LCD monitor.

Turn on your monitor and also then turn on your PC.

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