Monitor automatically turns off but computer still running


Several problems can cause a monitor to revolve off randomly. Some of the factors relate to the monitor while others relate to the computer system. Read through the adhering to suggestions for reasons why your monitor might be rotate off by itself.

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If the monitor continues to be on, yet loses signal (e.g., power light goes from green to orange), it"s an worry through the computer and not the monitor. See: Why does my computer system turn off without warning?


If your computer system turns off when not being provided, yet wakes up as soon as pushing a switch, there"s nopoint wrong through your monitor. It"s operating according to your power administration features.

Monitor overheating

One factor the monitor might shut off is bereason it"s overheating. When a monitor overheats, it shuts off to proccasion damages to the circuitry inside. Caoffers of overheating encompass dust build-up, too much heat or humidity, or blockage of the vents that enable the heat to escape.

If the monitor is overheating, unplug the monitor and also let it cool dvery own fully before using it aobtain. Then, if you have canned air (anti-static, for electronics), try to blow out any kind of dust inside the monitor casing. If the computer system room is extremely hot, cool it dvery own by turning on a fan or the air conditioning device. Wait till the room cools down some prior to trying to use the monitor aget.

Also, if you"re using an older CRT monitor, upgrading to a more recent flat-panel screen resolves many heat-associated concerns in a warm setting.

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Loose cable


If the power cord is not secudepend associated to the back of the monitor, it deserve to cause a loss of power and revolve off the monitor. Make sure the power cord is firmly in area in the earlier of the monitor. It"s likewise possible that the power connector in the monitor is going bad and not receiving adequate power from the power cord. In this situation, it is finest to replace the monitor rather of having it repaired.

Bad monitor

Another reason the monitor could shut off is bereason of a breakdown in the circuiattempt. Tright here could be a brief in the wiring or a circuitry faientice bring about the image to go babsence or the monitor to shut off. In this situation, tbelow might not be a lot you have the right to perform various other than buying a brand-new replacement monitor. Monitors are normally not economical to have actually repaired since the repair expense can be even more than the price of a brand-new monitor. You could carry the monitor to a computer repair shop to have it looked at, however they"re most likely going to imply having it replaced.

Video card or motherboard problem

If the monitor remains on, but you shed the video signal, it"s extremely most likely an issue through the video card or motherboard in the computer. A computer system randomly shutting off have the right to likewise be an issue with the computer or video card overheating or a defect via the video card.

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If the video card is a well-known great video card or its component of the motherboard, tbelow may be difficulties via the motherboard. A bulged capacitor or other failing components on the motherboard deserve to reason a computer or monitor to shut off.