Modern setup host has stopped working

At the moment of upgrading your PC/Lapheight to Windows 10, if the upgrade process stops working via “Modern Setup Host has stopped working” worry, then below are the troubling fixes to settle the difficulty.

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On upgrading your Windows edition to the latest version of Windows 10, Modern Setup Host plays quite a chief function in the going procedure. Being a vital building block it tolerates or concludes particular processes that run at the moment of upgrading.

Even later on than your journey to upgrade to Windows 10 is finiburned, this component helps the OS to run Modern or Universal app packperiods. You have the right to bear out this by opening Task Manager on Windows 10, or else by locating Modern Setup Host as atmosphere course of activity.

In relation to this factor, Microsoft has not been noticed to the manuscript to a huge degree up till currently. But an inaccuracy acknowledged while breakthrough to Windows 10 brings our facility of attention on the presence of Modern Setup Host.

To settle this error, go with this write-up and gain the services to settle the contemporary setup organize has quit working in Windows 10 and proceed to percreate activities without any interruption.

How to Fix Modern Setup Host Has Stopped Working Error?

Below-stated are the solutions that will help you to solve the modern setup host has stopped working trouble in Windows system. Apply the services and also watch which one solves your problem.

Table of Contents

Systems 1: By Clearing the Software Downpack Folder Contents

Press + R vital combicountry lying on your key-board and put on complying with into Run dialog box and click OK:



Clear all the stuffing of downloads folder opened by far:


Now best click start Button, decide on Command also Prompt (Admin) and also open bureaucratic Command Prompt.


Type following command in the Command Prompt window and also hit Enter key.

wuauclt.exe /updatenow


Once the command is efficiently executed, you have the right to cshed Command also Prompt and reboot.

After refounding the machine, go earlier over to upgrade and also this time the entirety thing will go in excellent wellness.

Solution 2: Use Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 10 upgrade assistant will certainly defiantly aid you to get rid of Windows 10 upgrade faiattract via Modern setup Host stopped functioning problem. Follow the given procedures one by one to apply this solution:

After downloading, run the tool and select to Upgrade This PC Now. If the process gets stuck while creating the installation media then cshed the tool.Now, open the run dialogue box (Press Windows Key + R ), paste the below-given route right into the Run dialog box and hit the Enter Key.


Note: If you have a various mechanism root drive then replace C: via your present mechanism root drive.

You will view that your installation should start and also your system gets upgraded without any kind of error message.

Solution 3: Do a Clean Boot

A clean boot is recommfinished, as perdeveloping a clean boot Windows 10 will aid you to fix modern setup hold quit functioning concern.

Go to the search option of your system and also search for the msconfig. From the search result, you have to click on the System Configuration to open it.If you watch any type of UAC Dialog box then you should click on the Yes to continue.In the System Configuration home window, under the General tab select the Selective startup and also then unmark the Load Startup items.
Here, you need to confirm that Load system services and Use original boot configuration feature is checked.After it, navigate to the Services tab. Here select the Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox and then click on Disable all switch.
After it, click on the Apply/OK, this will boot your Windows 10 mechanism into a Clean Boot State.Then click the Reboot switch.After rebooting your system, verify the issue aget.

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If you are still unable to resolve this problem then, you should navigate to the General tab, uncheck Load System Services box and also then click the Apply/OK and also Restart.

At last, make certain that the contemporary setup host has actually quit functioning home windows 10 update concern is solved or not. If the problem is solved then you should undo the above modifications to a default state.

Systems 4: Run SFC Scan

Here is one more solution that can occupational to resolve the modern-day setup organize has stopped working issue in Windows. Try scanning your system with an sfc sdeserve to.

It will certainly shave the right to all the protected device papers, replace and also repair the corrupted files with the cached copy located in a folder and solves your concern.

Follow the actions to percreate the SFC scan:

Press Windows iconType cmd, right-click it and also select run as administrator

In the command prompt, type sfc/scannow and also push the enter key


Wait for the scanning procedure to acquire completed

Once the scanning is done, you will certainly gain the corrupted documents if any type of that reasons modern-day setup host quit working problem and solves them.

Equipment 5: Run DISM Service

If you still face modern-day setup hold has actually stopped working home windows 10 update problem after perdeveloping sfc sdeserve to then attempt the DISM organization to eliminate this error.

DISM will examine, shave the right to and also restore health to repair Windows 10 errors. Follow the measures to run DISM:

Press Windows iconType cmd, right-click it and select run as administrator

In the command also prompt, kind the complying with commands one after an additional and also press the enter key:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


Wait for the scanning procedure to acquire completed

After the scanning is completed, rebegin your computer system and view whether the modern-day setup host home windows 10 error is resolved or not.

Systems 6: Check Hard Drive Space

One of the factors that cause modern setup host has quit working error can be bereason of much less cost-free space on your system.

Tright here need to be a minimum of 15 GB+ added Storage for apps and data as Media Creation Toolkit calls for 8 GB for downloading the upday and for the apps after upgradation.


As such, examine and cost-free the difficult disk space on your mechanism and also delete the unimportant information that is taking up your system memory.

Best & Easy Solution to Fix Modern Setup Host Stopped Working Error

The hand-operated services stated over will certainly fix the modern setup organize has stopped working error. But if you still challenge the concern or unable to percreate the manuals then below is a straightforward solution for you.

Try the PC Repair Tool. This is an progressed repair tool that will certainly scan your computer when, detect the errors such as DLL error, registry, upday error, BSOD, game & various other errors and also solves them automatically.

This tool likewise repairs damaged, corrupted or inaccessible Windows system files and optimizes the performance of your COMPUTER.

Get PC Repair Device to Fix Modern Setup Host Has Stopped Working Error


All right fellows.

I have actually tried my finest and also declared the services that will aid you to settle contemporary setup hold has quit working home windows 10 update error.

Perdevelop the solutions one after another to conquer such error and also if you are a novice then you deserve to try the basic solution provided above.

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It is intended that you favored this post and it transforms out to be useful to you in solving the Windows problems.