Minecraft low fps on high end pc

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So... I assumed Minecraft was OK. But hell nah.First of all. Here are my COMPUTER Specs:2x GTX 1070 Gaming X (2Sli)i7 4790K (not OC atm)16GB RamMSi Krait Sli. Motherboard.Now, as soon as i install Shades. I suppose to have the ability to run in Medium/High Shaders..BUT HELL NAH! Even on Lite/Low it have"s bacount 45 Fps. Which is weird AF!. Help?I"m Running Windows (Suck my Life) 10. Ain"t able to go down... Idk why. But no one have the right to downgrade me to 8.1. While i have actually the disk xD. My PC deserve to Run GTA V in 4K Ultra at 75Fps. And yes. MC Doesn"t assistance sli (Noobs) But. a 1070 is a beast...Help?

I indicate you take out one card and also have one 1070 in it and also then gain optifine and also likewise 45fps is fucking great likewise run it at a lower resolution you just require 1080p or also 720p for minecraft and also minecraft has framelock settings so imply you revolve those as much as infinite


Has extremely excellent pc- No clue on how computers work-related. GG you. 8000 gb gpu, I was around to cry. But as everyone shelp prior to, possibly dont play at 4k.

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Honestly if you"re running shaders at 4K don"t expect any type of high framerates, also if you got a beast Titan X Pascal in there. Minecraft isn"t exactly optimized well, so I suggest you drop you resolution down to 1440p or even 1080p. 1080p is wright here I acquire stable 60fps at SEUS (Extreme preset) through the same graphics card you"re making use of.If you do not desire to mitigate you resolution try reducing the RENDER resolution. Try x0.7 or x0.5 if you"re fine via exactly how it looks. It"s additionally worth noting to use the lightest shaderfill accessible to at least stabilize at 60 fps.But honestly IMO just do not use shaderpacks at 4K.
Disable Smooth FPS in Options --> Video Setups --> Performance. It will certainly destabilize your framerate however provide a substantial 20% FPS rise.
1080p through shades, whatever maxed. Never before played through those settings though, besides taking the occasional screenshots.
Try dedicating more ram of transforming your default graphics card i had a trouble so i readjusted my graphics card and also now i can run smoothly on 512MB of ram
I"m going to assume english isn"t a very first language here. Minecraft really is not a modern-day game. Updays really introduce bit optimization and shaders devs don"t really carry out the exact same. If you want a game that looks beautiful and also have actually given up on the shaders, go buy Rocket Organization. You might more than likely acquire 80+fps on max settings. If not, have fun.

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Well my evga ftw 750ti can take care of sues ultra on medium settings and also 3dx32 faithful at 5760x1080 at 20fps (looks like 60 though) via optifine on and a pair various other mods choose better foilage
Sounds around appropriate. If you downrange your frameprice by the same proportion of the display screen reoptions, you acquire 15FPS. A GTX 1070 is around 339% much faster than a 750 Ti, and 339% of 15 is about 51. Performance scaling even more or less adds up.
Whahaha. i guess MineCraft ain"t contemporary... No SLI Support... Poor functioning for 1070... What else? Btw, i allocted currently 6000mb Ram. and also just 15% of it is supplied... & the FPS are still low. While CPU intake is low as well... Bruh.... F*Ck minecraft on the point.
Minecraft is sensibly modern-day - it released in 2011. Games do not have to support SLI to be "modern;" in truth, there are plenty of new games out tbelow via no multi-GPU assistance.Minecraft runs fine on a GTX 1070. You quickly obtain a number of hundred FPS, even at 4K. Shaders, on the other hand also, don"t run well at 4K on any type of graphics card as I and others have actually proclaimed a number of times throughout this thread.As we have actually shelp numerous times currently, RAM isn"t the worry. It"s the shader packs you"re running and the restrictions of the shaders mod.Tright here is presently nopoint you have the right to do to make shaders run much better brief of buying a far better GPU.

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HEY!!!! i addressed it all!!!! I mounted and also older version of Gepressure Experience stuff. And deleted the newest driver. Now the RAM Is resolved.Imma go attempt Shaders now
I was having actually that problem with the latest GeForce driver as well, though it would only take place once trying to capture the game utilizing OBS.Your performance will shaders will not adjust.XenoniussGuys, everyone here saying they have to run it fine, you"re forgaining a solitary thing...He"s running at 4K.Minecraft shaders at 4K res is basically a no-go for a 1070, that"s just how badly optimised MC is... No other concerns however that, so yeah, your performance is perfectly normal.(If you desire higher FPS, downscale to 1440p)While you"re absolutely best around pretty much every little thing below, I need to suggest out that it"s not Minecraft"s reasonably negative optimization resulting in the performance hit; rather, it"s the lack of optimization on the component of shader developers and also the hack-in nature of the present shader mods.Luckily this may change in the close to future through Nova, which is basically a graphics engine overhaul mod that is constructed from the ground up with shaders in mind. I have actually no clue if and when it will be released, however I"m hopeful.