Middle mouse button not working logitech

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The middle computer mouse button, an often overlooked and also under-appreciated button on our gaming and office mice. The primary use of a middle mouse switch is to endlessly scroll while we game, procrastinate, and also work-related – however what do you carry out if the middle mouse button is not working?

As with uses for the middle mouse switch, tright here are a couple of reasons that have the right to prevent your middle switch, middle clicker, or limitless scroll wheel from functioning. The issues can be from generic hardware difficulties, corrupted driver installations, and periodically also your regisattempt settings leading to troubles.

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Is your middle mouse button not working? Don’t issue, in this short article we are going to run through common problems and also some fixes!

Now it is very likely you have actually already tried disconnecting and also reconnecting your mouse, if not, please execute as this can regularly fix the middle mouse button not functioning problem. Now if this has actually done nothing, you deserve to try plugging your mouse into another computer/ laptop to see if the middle mouse button functions in other places. If the middle switch functions while associated to the other PC, the difficulty is likely to be through your computer system or a software program issue fairly than a hardware problem for the computer mouse.

If, but, the middle mouse button is still not functioning, it is likely to be a hardware worry. If you have a modular mouse or have actually opened up the shell prior to, you deserve to take a look inside however it is ideal to run through the different procedures below to try and also settle the difficulty prior to lastly sfinishing your mouse back to the manufacturer.


It has never been less complicated to troubleshoot a hardware worry than with Windows 10. It is worth trying this as an additional quick settle prior to we get into driver updays and also registry papers.

Go to Control Panel by keying it in your Windows search bar and also pushing EnterOpen Hardware and SoundOpen Devices and Printers Locate your mouse, right-click the icon and also pick Troubleshoot 

Now tright here will be many kind of of you prefer me that have actually a computer mouse that needs zero drivers to job-related and is ssuggest plug and also play. That being sassist, there are likewise plenty of mice that need driver updays.

Do not download devices prefer “DriverEasy” as programs choose this are never before really that helpful as they scan your devices for motorists but will certainly try and also get you to pay for a much faster download. Tbelow is additionally no need for programs choose this, you have the right to ssuggest search manually on the internet by utilizing the name of your mouse followed by “drivers”.

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When looking manually, you will certainly come across your mouse manufacturers web page, follow this and ssuggest downpack the latest driver presented and then run the installer! If the driver upday doesn’t need you to restart your PC, you have to do so anymeans and check to see if the problem has been addressed.



It might seem starray but if your middle mouse button isn’t functioning, it can be your regisattempt settings.

Go to Regisattempt Editor by keying it in your Windows search barWhen opening Regisattempt Editor it will certainly ask permission to make transforms to your COMPUTER, click YesDouble click HKEY_CURRENT_USER, the second folder on the list, then Control Panel, then Desktop Now in the Desktop folder, scroll down until you uncover WheelScrollLines (it’s in alphabetical order) and also right-click.Now you have right-clicked on WheelScrollLines, click on Modify and make certain the Value Data is collection to 3

If whatever above still hasn’t fixed the middle mouse switch not working concern, the next action is to call the retailer that marketed you the computer mouse. Alternatively, if the computer mouse is no longer in warranty it is worth contacting the mouse’s manufacturer to check out if you have the right to gain the mouse repaired or reinserted.

If nothing has actually worked and also your mouse is fairly old it can be worth buying yourself a new gaming computer mouse. Whether it’s wired or wiremuch less, vr-tab-quebec.com has tried and tested the best of the ideal to assist you find your following mouse.

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Have you had this issue before? Are there any alternate methods of solving this worry we haven’t covered? Let us recognize dvery own in the comments or head over to the WeCOMPUTER neighborhood to share your issue with the ever-flourishing gang of enthusiasts.