Microsoft office 2010 encountered an error during setup

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Microsoft Office is one of the best-known Office tools, yet many type of individuals reported Microsoft Office encountered error throughout setup error. This error will prevent you from installing and also running Office on your system, so, in today’s write-up we’ll present you how to solve it properly.

I had an office 2013 installation before, I uninstalled it for a details factor, I downloaded an additional Office 2013 Professional Plus with SP1 from my MSDN Subscription, once I try to install it, in the time of the installation, I gain a message saying “Office has encountered an error during setup”

Here is just how solve Microsoft Office encountered an error throughout setup message?

1. Use Task Scheduler

Re-try installing Microsoft Office.

2. Troubleshoot making use of Windows Store

Choose Update & Security from the menu. Rebegin your PC and also reattempt installing Microsoft Office.Not a fan of Microsoft Office? Here are 5 great alternatives to attempt out!

3. Temporarily deactivate antivirus software application on your PC

Locate your antivirus icon in the Taskbar.Right-click it and also select the choice to disable the antivirus.After doing that, attempt to install Microsoft Office aget.

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4. Rename the Microsoft Aid folder

In the folder that opens, search for the folder Microsoft Assistance, and rename it to Microsoft Assistance.old.Restart your COMPUTER.

5. Remove all traces of Microsoft Office from your PC, and also re-install it cleanly

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the removal procedure.Inside the Regisattempt Editor, navigate to the complying with crucial and also delete it if it exists:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTreeMicrosoftOfficeRetry installing Microsoft Office choose you normally would

In this short article, we explored some quick approaches you desire to try out if you acquire the annoying Office encountered error during setup process error. Be certain to try every one of our services and also let us understand which solution operated for you.

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Please make certain to let us understand if this write-up solved your trouble by utilizing the comment section uncovered below.