Microsoft office 2007 product key not working

After a current automatic upday was got, it locked up and also said it necessary the product vital. I tried to enter it but it just went 24 personalities instead of the usual 25. When I tried to put in the last character, it sassist the key was incorrect and also I should examine my key and also reenter the 25 characters.

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This began happening after the the majority of current upday which locked up the MS Office and disabled the capacity to even deinstall it.

Help! I"m doing virtual college stuff and need my MS Office!

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Replied on November 24, 2012
Invalid Product Key - "This is not a valid Office product key. Verify that you have actually the correct vital and also reform it." 2010 - has a “wizard” that steps with possibilities, many type of links 2007/2003 - links to feasible solutions

More details please.

Which Office bundle did you buy: Home and also Student, Home and Business, Office Pro?

About the computer system itself:

·Is this a new (from the manufacturer) computer

·Are you re-installing Office on the exact same computer

·Are you trying to deliver the license to an additional computer

What create of license did you buy?

·a Retail Boxed CD that permits 2 or 3 conpresent activations (how many kind of do you have)

·a Product Key Card that allows 1-user / computer activation

·Factory installed and also caused (largely for 2007 and also earlier)

Wright here did you buy it from?

·retail electronics store

·virtual electronics store

·an individual online (ebay, kijiji etc)

·digital download

·mounted at the computer factory

Did you gain it as part of a special discount program?

·Home Use Program, HUP

·Academic / College discount

·Military discount


Exactly where did you gain the Product Key you used?

·Inside the big-ugly-yellow-plastic-CD Box

·a Product Key Card

·virtual purchase confirmation email

·sticker on the computer

·Certificate of Authenticity or various other MS Paperwork

EXACTLY what steps are you taking to install and also activate Office.

·Did you activate the factory installed trial

·Did you install a trial then use a purchased product vital to activate it

·Did you uninstall the factory trial

·Did you install from CD

·Did you downfill from internet and also install in 1 step

·Did you downpack from internet, conserving to HD. Then run the downloaded file to perform the installation

Tbelow are a couple of possible causes. They boil dvery own to:

·simple typo or misreading of Product key

·other simple user mistakes / misunderstandings

·technical troubles prefer incorrect Windows Access Rights

·problems with various other software

The tool in KB 836178 walks you through a trouble shooting procedure for Office 2010 Product Keys

This behaviour may occur for one or even more of the adhering to factors.:

·You have a Trial Version of Office installed that is “intercepting” the activation attempt, uninstall it first

·Check the numbers and letters on the product key:

§the number eight (8) can resemble a capitalized B,

§the number zero (0) have the right to resemble a capitalized O or Q

§the number 6 (6) and also letter G

§the letters V V and letter W

·Office 2010 Product Keys execute not Contain adhering to Characters:

·Numbers: 0 1 5

·Letters: A E I L N O S U Z

·Copy the product key from an e-mail message to avoid typing errors.

·Make sure that you are not utilizing a product vital from an older variation of Office. These product tricks will certainly not work via Office 2010.

·If you are using a product key from a sticker attached to the bottom of your lapoptimal, or on the earlier of your desktop computer, look VERY CAREFULLY at the sticker. They are normally the stickers for Windows Product Key and also will certainly NOT work-related via Office 2010.

·If a Product Key Card was purchased at a retail store and also set off at the register, perform not use the vital that is inside the card to unlock Office 2010. You need to logon to the website detailed on the card and follow the instructions to obtain the actual product key for the version of Office that you purchased.

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·A product crucial for an Office 2010 stand-alone product (such as Visio Professional 2010) will not be welcomed as a product essential for an Office 2010 suite. It is necessary to match the product crucial to the product for which it is stated.

·Volume License product tricks will not be accepted for a retail Office 2010 product.

·Product Keys that begin through “FC7HF” deserve to only be used on Office Internet Apps running on SharePoint

·Check your Windows Product ID in the Assistance about display. Ie PID 00426-068-0288566-86858 Focus on the 3 digit component of the ID if it matches or is within one or 2 digits of the examples below

·065, 066, 067, 068 for Ultimate,

·220, 221 are for Pro

·230, 231, 221, 232are for Premium,

·you most likely have actually an MSDN or Technet vital.Tright here are probably others but they need to be close to these posted

·If none of the over conditions apply, prior to, or after trying the following measures you may desire to perform a Phone Activationand ask the company rep to define what the certain problem is.


About MSDN or TechNet Product Keys

They are genuine product tricks for retail licenses, but not for Retail sale. They are intfinished for a certain product channel either the Software Developer Network (MSDN) or TechNet for IT Professionals that pay a subscription fee. The primary objective is for evaluation objectives. It is for one perchild only to usage and no one else. Unfortunately, regardless of the licensing terms, persons still abuse the program, either giveamethod product secrets or reoffer it on auction sites.

What more than likely taken place is, you bought an MSDN licensed essential, which carries as much as 10 activations unprefer full packaged retail licenses which only carry 1 activation. The perkid that marketed it to you more than likely sold it to 10 various other persons. Somewhere alengthy the means, among those persons can have installed it on a second mechanism, caused it, because it went past 10 activation thresorganize, detected it that it was being abprovided and also blocked the crucial from additionally use.

Validate Now:

You deserve to confirm that your software program is actual now. It’s quick and also easy: Click the "Validay Windows" switch. If the validation check falls short, then you are going to need to buy your product aobtain. You need to contact the vendor for a remoney. Depending on wright here they are in the scamera cycle they may offer you the refund or they will string you along with delays. You have to also call your crmodify card firm to cancel the transactivity or to at the extremely leastern provide them a heads up on the selectronic camera so that they can deny the scammer any type of better sales.You may also want to report the merchant to .

If it is a legitimate purchase, then you are possibly having a known difficulty through Win7.Tbelow are 3 possible reasons, 4 possible fixes:

First confirm that you are not making an easy keying error.

Second, it may be an accessibility rights difficulty. Tright here are 2 possible fixes for it. Either activate making use of "Run As Admin" or "Take Ownership" of the trouble drive folders and also regisattempt entries. I have gave web links to numerous write-ups for these kinds of fixes. Pick one that you have the right to follow and also try it.

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Third perform a phone activation

Resources to assist you activate a license in Office 2002-2007 programs

Official MS Office 2010 Product Key Solution;en;1844&showpage=1

If all else falls short perform a phone activation, do not answer the initial phone system prompts. Wait, a long time, till you are readily available the alternative of talking to a live service rep. They can define the difficulty much better.