Microsoft activation wizard keeps popping up

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Monday, February 19, 2018 6:27 AM


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no, the regisattempt has nopoint to carry out through this. I tried the solution to no avail

The problem is the pre-loaded Office applications seem to have been relocated to the App store

What I have found is for whatever reason eincredibly Dell I am presented with recently has Office pre-loaded as a Mirosoft Store app. I cannot rerelocate it. Eincredibly new account I include to these computer systems insists on hounding the user for an activation code and also tright here are 2 workplaces. I cannot for the life of me remove Office from the App store?

What provides, just how deserve to I offer Windows 10 via the licensed version of Office without burdening them through endless problems as soon as they add new users to their computers?

Monday, February 26, 2018 4:17 AM


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I had actually the same worry. Windows 10 with Office Standard 2016 MAK license (Volume License). New Dell COMPUTER. Dell preloaded the trial variation of Office365.We removedthe preloadedOffice 365 from the keep by means of Apps & functions (Windows 10 PC) and set up our volume license variation. Works till certain Windows Updays roll out causingWindows Activation popup forunmounted retail version to rerevolve, interrupting access to Office commodities all together.

I Contacted Dell Support and was moved to Microsoft Support, and 50 mins later on lastly landed in Microsoft Commercial Technical Support Team. They had me open anelevated command prompt and also change magazine to the c:program papers (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice16 (mine is 32 bit. Users via 64 bit variation of Office would change catalog to c: egimen filesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16).

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1.Type in cscript ospp.vbs /dcondition.

This will certainly list the currently installed Office products. In my instance I had both Office16StandardVL_MAK and also Office160365HomePremR_Grace (last 5 of product key: KHGM9). This shouldn"t be tright here considering we uninstalled this application. However before, I wish I could say I am surprised. (SIGH!)

IMPORTANT! - Note the last5 personalities of mounted product for the Office16036HomePremR_Grace. Mine was KHGM9 and will be essential inessential in action 2.

2. type in Cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:khgm9

If your product crucial was various, substitute the khgm9 through the personalities detailed in step one.

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This rerelocated the Office retail variation and also resolved the problem for us. Hope this helps others.