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Hello, a lengthy time ago, our family members invested in a family lappeak. That lappeak was an ASUS G60VX through a totally legitimate version of Windows 7 Home Premium. About a month back, I gained my hands on a DELL Inspiron 570 Deskoptimal computer with many type of missing parts. I reput as many kind of components as I might, among those being the hard drive. The only tough drive that remained in the home and not being provided was the one inside of the ASUS Lappeak. I plugged in the difficult drive and every little thing was functioning as usual, other than that reportedly something occurred to the validity of the OS. Now, this wasn"t a huge problem for me at first, I just closed out of the messperiods telling me to validify it, and also that has functioned for months on end. But recently I just realized that the Windows Firewall on that OS was entirely corrupted. I have sought multiple weeks and also spent many type of sleepmuch less nights scouring via the internet trying to settle this Firewall to no prevail. Absolutely nopoint I have uncovered, nobody I have contacted, not one single heart deserve to resolve this Firewall.

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I have actually performed multiple virus scans via multiple antivirus programs, I have actually tried running /SCANNOW, I have actually tried utilizing a various firewall, I have actually tried editing registries, altering perobjectives, utilizing home windows repair devices, running a countless amount of command also prompt regulates, neither contacting Microsoft assistance or ASUS support has assisted in any way shape or create. A while later I chose I had actually sufficient of the continuous bs that this Firewall had actually put me through. I wanted to execute a complete reinstevery one of home windows, involved discover out, that I need a product key to execute that. The ASUS lapoptimal product essential sticker was entirely unreadable. People said lightly rubbing led over it to fill in the rubbed off components, I had the ability to acquire a couple of letters out however only about 6 or 7 let alone the 25 required. I found a totality plethora of people with the exact same problem that shelp that they addressed it by running a vbs script that discovered their product crucial. I tried this however upon entering it on the Microsoft webweb page I was given this error:We encountered a trouble through your repursuit. Please visit Microsoft Support Contact Us page for assistance. Refer to Blog post Code 715-123130 and Transactivity ID 25565af7-03a7-43f3-887a-861bca52ea41.I"m not sure what to carry out anymore. I have actually been thoapproximately defeated by this operating system and also would be so grateful if somebody could provide any kind of valuable understanding. Thank you in advance.