Media creation tool windows 10 something happened

I have tried uncountable times and also it will certainly not work. I downloaded the media tool x64 from and also it will certainly not install. I get up to the installing component and it crashes at 37% eextremely single time and offer me a little pop-up saying

Somepoint Happened - Windows 10 Failed to Install. The Answer Desk chat was not very useful. Some please assist before I go insane :)

*Things to note

- I have actually even more than sufficient room for install

- I have actually scheduled (Didn"t get notification yet)

- I"m on Windows 8.1

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Thank you for posting on Communities.

I will certainly be glad to aid you through the worry you have through the computer system. I understand also the frustration once thingsd ont work the method it should.

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I suggest you to follow the listed below procedures to troubleshoot on the issue:

STEP 1: Run Windows Media Creation Device as Administrator

First of all try to run the tool aget as Administrator as discussed below:

Right-click the Media Creation Tool"s EXE file and also choose "Run as Administrator" alternative.

Now it must not offer "Somepoint happened" error message.

STEP 2: Change Locale and also Language Settings to English (United States)

This trouble may additionally take place if the locale and also language settings in your computer system are various than the downloaded Windows 10 setup papers.

Just follow these easy steps to adjust locale and language settings in your computer to deal with the problem:

1. OpenControl Panel and also click Region icon. Alternatively you can straight open up it usingintl.cpl command in RUN or Start Search box.

It"ll open a new home window containing details of your current device locale, language, etc.

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2. Now go to "Administrative" tab and also click on "Change system locale" switch.

3. Now selectEnglish (United States) option from the drop-dvery own box and apply transforms.

Restart your mechanism and also now run the tool aobtain. It"ll job-related without any type of trouble this time.

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Hope this information is valuable. Please reply via the results. I will certainly be glad to help better.