Make sure file is in an ntfs volume

In this write-up, learn how to fix the “Couldn’t Mount Documents. Sorry, there was a trouble mounting the file” error as soon as trying to open up or mount an ISO file on Windows 10/8.1/8 or Windows Server 2012.

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You face the adhering to error:


Couldn’t Mount File. Sorry, tright here was a problem mounting the file


Couldn’t Mount Data. Make certain the file is in an NTFS volume and isn’t in a compressed folder or volume.

The worry is many most likely that the ISO file has had the sparse flag attribute set. The sporadic flag is sustained in NTFS file mechanism that permits more reliable usage of disk space by not creating zeros in a documents stream. So, in order to fix this trouble, you simply rerelocate that sporadic flag to mount the ISO.

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How To Fix “Couldn’t Mount File” Error in Windows 10

Method 1. Copy & Paste the ISO file

Before you attempt anypoint else, I would certainly recommend you copy the ISO to your desktop computer or a different folder and try mounting the copy instead. 99% of the time ssuggest copying the file to the various folder will certainly fix the “Couldn’t Mount File” error.


Method 2. Using Command also Prompt

To eliminate the sporadic flag, you can open a PowerShell as administrator and enter these commands:

fsutil thin setflag Path to the .iso file 0 fsutil thin queryflag Path to the .iso file


After the command is efficiently executed, the error is gone.


Method 3. Using Daemon Tools Lite

You should have the ability to deal with the “Couldn’t Mount File” error by utilizing Daemon Tools Lite. Daemon Tools Lite enables you to mount all recognized types of disc image documents.


Step 1.

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Download and also install Daemon Tools Lite from this resource.Step 2. After installation, launch it.Tip 3. You deserve to now mount ISO papers perfectly.

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That’s about it. If you have actually any kind of various other Windows 10 error you deserve to view for the solution on my webiste.