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* Pro not reflecting all obtainable drives. SSD
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plutnex Starting Member

3 Posts

Posted-February 24 2013: 03:00:03
I"m trying to clone my SSD drive on my lenovo ideapad. I upgraded my hdd 5400rpm to an SDD. All I did was removing the old sdd, and also installing the new SSD, then mounted the Success 7 pro OS, and also drivers, and also MS Office. Everything is functioning fine except Lenovo OneKey Recoincredibly Feature (recoexceptionally backup software), and also bereason of that reason I had to purchase Pro to use it as my main backup and recovery software.However, as you deserve to view in the screenshots below, is not mirroring my 64GB Microsd card, and is additionally showing a samsung drive and also the 240Gb kingston. Not sure why a samsung drive is showing up, yet I can not carry out the backup bereason it does not let me pick the SD memory card.

Antony Moderator

UK 212 Posts

Posted-February 25 2013: 11:01:18
Hi plutnex,Thanks for Reflect reflects all solved tough drives attached to a device as options for restore/clone targets, so you need to watch your brand-new SSD and any various other attached tough disks.However, we carry out not display screen USB flash drives as regain targets, or SSD media, as clone/regain targets, owing to the selection of unexplained disk geometry configurations we would need to to usage this media. Some media for example does not permit writing to the MBR which is important to boot.I alert in your screenshot you are attempting to clone your mechanism to your MicroSD card. The clone functionality is designed to duplicate a system in its entirety to one more tough disk, so that you have two hard disks representing specifically the very same mechanism. It is this process that cannot occupational for MicroSD media, since we cannot reliably guarantee you can boot from it.You will certainly discover, yet, that if you pick to take an Image of your drives, you will be able to store the picture on your MicroSD. An picture is a paper containing an reliable compressed and also optionally encrypted depiction of your tough disk which you have the right to gain back from recoexceptionally media.You may find that if the MicroSD card supplies FAT32 that the photo file splits into multiple records of 4GB each. This is because FAT32 has a maximum file size of 4GB and also Reflect handles this limitation immediately.Hope this helps,Kind Regards,

plutnex Starting Member

3 Posts

Posted-February 25 2013: 16:42:12
Thanks for your aid. I"ll develop a photo, and also then usage recoexceptionally for regain. However before, the part that I"m still perplexed is why is reflecting 2 drives?: The 240Gb kingston and a 29Gb samsung. The lapheight only has actually the brand-new 240Gb kingston (reflecting just as 223Gb?). is the 29GB drive a surprise drive installed by lenovo for recovery?

C.Bamford Moderator

United Kingdom 1002 Posts

Posted-February 26 2013: 08:51:00
Hi,Thanks for posting ago.The second drive does indeed look to be a Lenovo recoexceptionally disk.This will certainly contain devices and also the original base Windows install for your machine and deserve to be provided for recoincredibly.Kind regards.Chris -

Gork Advanced Member

USA 650 Posts

Posted-February 26 2013: 10:22:28
Very interesting... A exceptionally smart concept to put the recoexceptionally partition on a sepaprice drive...

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