M5a99fx pro r2 0 windows 10

to let this topic easy and also understandable i"ll explain what i did and exactly how it happened..

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I TRIED INSTALLING WINDOWS 7 ... rather of WINDOWS 10 ... where most of the points occured... but very same difficulties on ANY OS... even on linux.. yeah linux has actually the very same difficulties detailed listed below...



Fixed itself somehow>

If i put many kind of gadgets in my USB ports my COMPUTER craburned, a year later i had actually a trouble wbelow the USB devices disconnect randomly for some factor..BOTH PROBLEMS SOMEHOW GOT FIXED BY TIME.


To clear this up : No, i did not pick the wrong device. i tried to select all gadgets..

So.... this sounds stselection however im having the audio worry considering that i installed an nvidia driver. after rebooting my audio device simply shelp : not plugged in (in the windows audio settings ) < watch photo. http://imgur.com/a/Adqse .. its in gerguy yet "nicht angeschlossen" suggests not connected!

after i mounted the nvidia driver i looked at the gadget manager and looked if tbelow was a brand-new audio driver installed on my soundcard, ! yes , nvidia set up an sound card update! (it was the same date tright here was the last change)


What i did try:

I gone to the realtek site, tried the realtek driver.. i likewise tried : the audio driver from my motherboard"s support area.. likewise tried reinstalling the audio motorists a couple times. and also i likewise tried installing nvidias initially driver... and also the newest... and maaany kind of more chauffeurs...

The gadget gets detected fine... however if i stick in a headset... speaker... ANYTHING.... it does ssuggest not work! it keeps saying : not plugged in... ( i have audio inputs on my case and on my motherboard.. tried both )



simply realized an hour before i wrote this that my ethernet/LAN port isnt functioning...


so. i bought the Netequipment A6210.. its a machine well-known to have actually problems.

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yet. i got it to someexactly how work-related. ( if you look in threads. people say around the adapter that the major problem is that the driver itself cant detect the wifi adapter and that its dumb programmed or somepoint. ... anyways)

so i obtained it running someexactly how and all that...it works fine exept csgo.... in csgo my ping is extremely "bouncy ..." it jumps from 20 ping to arround 400 and also back

and the difficulty is ONLY in csgo so its realy starray.... the problem occured a couple times this year and also last year.... i dont think its my ISP ( my ISP is : Kabel BW ... a germale ISP )



( i have decent internet and a decent connection..signal strengh is high enough, network bandthrough also.... 100MB/s UP and 5MB/S DOWN ... or a bit much less you know isps are shitty )


i hope you men might help me resolve atleast one problem


so men... im going to install home windows 10 currently ... im posting in this aget when i mounted it... perhaps it"l deal with somepoint... or not.... lets see


~iKnowThingz ... or iDontKn0wHowToFixMyDamnComputer


USB, just remove all deceives if you watch any kind of poor habits, only install the provided motorists, never before perform install the windows chauffeurs or auto updays. On all OS, guess it"s a hardware thing.



Were you connect the sound to, headset, why you require that over HDMI tunstable NVidia?? If you need any kind of sound simply usage the onboard, AMP, DAC?, what sound u need?


Clean the registry, just install the Asus motorists, why so many kind of questions? Just ask yourself why you need any type of NVida sound driver allowed in Windows, and you got the answer!!!!!


How much is your hub, you live in a City beside a PBX ? what service u usage, u use German cable TV provider ? execute a line test!