Logitech headset one side not working

For some reason my left speaker on my logitechnology usb headcollection just went dead? i tried plugging in normal headphones in the speakers exact same thing, so its not the headset..the speakers are fine additionally.

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i checked the volume controls, rebegan, checked programs and also tool manager.

any type of concepts why this would certainly take place or how to fix it?



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I"m guessing you currently tried this, however if you have volume also low occasionally only the appropriate side functions. Try turning it up abit.

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theres a widespread mistake many type of human being execute. make certain the cable is plugged in TIGHTLY. last time i believed my speakers were damaged cuz the left side had actually no audio so i simply pumelted the cable in and i heard a snap indicating it was appropriately plugged in and it fixed it

hello aobtain, my left speaker and also my left speaker on my usb headcollection aint functioning on that its so fn weird. cuz they both usage diff sound devices?

i also referred to as the comp techs wbelow i bought my comp and also they are clueless.

does anyone have actually any type of principles at all?

its acquiring exceptionally annoying :(

ive tried nearly everything!

Are you entirely sure the balance isn"t collection to only one side? Sometimes it"s the many apparent points...

is the cable reduced anywhere? it also can be the wires wbelow they attach to the headset speaker. occasionally they get loose, particularly if you wrap the wires around the headcollection as soon as stored.

hmm, vehicle drivers did you inspect that. Did you blow the speaker? Check all the balances make sure it is set appropriate. examine to make sure your audio cable in the computer system case is linked ideal if tbelow is one. Check all cables to make sure they are all in appropriately.

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yep, checked all of that, tried updating, unisntall, re installing chauffeurs..nopoint.

also its not not just my left speaker its my usb headset also(left side too).

i didnt blow the speaker cuz i never before used the speakers, i have constantly offered my usb headcollection.

I"d say it"s software-connected... But I don"t know whether the sound card is supplied as soon as you use a USB headset, if it is it can be your sound card.

Test the speakers and also the headset on one more computer/gadget. I"m pretty certain they"ll occupational.

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ya, im start to think it"s software related also, however what software program would perform this? i use itunes...