Line 6 ux2 driver windows 10

Hi, having actually been driven crazy for a couple of days the setup listed below go my device working FIRST MAKE SURE POD FARM IS NOT RUNNING Then

open up audio midi gadgets from begin food selection. 

select Inputs and also recording Tab >> Select Source (Example Inst. & Mic1.)

Select Driver Tab >> Click on and also set to Dvd Quality as per previously articles.

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Click then to cshed Audio midi tools manage panel.

Now begin POD Farm

you have to now have actually the capacity to choose Instrument / Mic1 for tone A or if collection to Dual for BOTH.


Everything should be working ok from them on.


Oh likewise had actually really bad crackling audio and found establishing buffers to EXTRA SMALL resolved it, was not expecting that had been making them bigger and bigger via no effect.


hope it helps someone.




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Posted April 22, 2017


After spending hours working with all the previous options updating BIOS, updated chipcollection, tried the little bit rate, nothing was functioning. drivers were mounted properly It known my toneport ux2 yet in the hardware settings showed it as inactive. couldn"t get sound in or out. found that

Tbelow is an problem with UAC.

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Turn off user account control in windows. works fine currently. :D


home windows 10 build 15063.138

toneport ux2


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Posted April 30, 2017

Here"s some even more straw-clutching things for desperadoes to try:


1) Only have actually the UX2 connected to a USB 2 port. USB 3 ports will frequently be coloured blue.


2) Check your motherboard manufacturers website for updated Windows 10 drivers for chipsets and also USB. If you do not recognize your motherboard make/model/chipset then you deserve to use CPU-Z to acquire this information.


3) If your motherboard has no updated motorists, and also you have an Intel chipcollection, then attempt the Intel Chipset Upday Utility (overlook the fact that it does not show support for Windows 10 yet). You deserve to additionally try the Intel Driver Upday Utility.


4) If your motherboard has no updated vehicle drivers, and you have actually an AMD chipcollection, then try the latest AMD chipcollection motorists.


5) Open Device Manager, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers and also determine which USB Root Hub your UX2 is connected to and also uninstall the hub. Reboot and the hub will certainly be detected and drivers will certainly be reinstalled.










6) For good meacertain you have the right to additionally make certain power management is turned off on that hub.

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Switching to USB 2.0 ports functions for mine. Thanks for the indevelopment although this is really weird.