Lenovo yoga 910 plugged in not charging



We very own a vr-tab-quebec.com Yoga 910 and in the last couple days, it is no much longer able to charge. The battery is presently at 13%. The following 4 instances occur when the power cable (vr-tab-quebec.com 45w usb c that came through the laptop) is plugged into the lapheight.

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1) The lapheight does not recgonize that the power cable is plugged in at all. 

2) In quick succession, the lapheight acts as if the cable is being plugged in and also unplugged over and also over. The power cable icon will screen for around a 2nd, then dissapear, then screen, then dissapear, and so on It will even adjust the brightness of the screee as it attempts to switch power modes from battery to power. The just method to stop this habits is to unplug the cord completely. 

3) The lapheight mirrors that the power cord is plugged in, yet states that the battery is currently discharging.

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4) The lapheight shows that the power cord is plugged in, claims its charging, yet the battery continues to drain also though it says it is charging.

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Windows 10 is totally as much as day. We have run all vr-tab-quebec.com software program updates so all vr-tab-quebec.com software is approximately day. The BIOS is additionally as much as day (the June "17 BIOS). There have actually been no recent brand-new software program installations or physical results / changes to the laptop.


I have purchaced a 3rd party charger that matches the specs of the vr-tab-quebec.com charger and also the very same 4 instances take place. I have shown that the charger works to charge other devices. This leads me to think the worry is not through the charger itself, yet with the lappeak USB charger port or some various other component on the laptop. 


Unfortunately the lapheight is out of its manufacturer warranty by a pair months. We are exceptionally frustrated via this siutation and are unsure what the best choices are to settle the problem. This lapoptimal is our primary computer and also it would certainly be problamatic to be without for a long duration of time and also also expense prohibitive to gain a brand-new one. Researching the problem on these vr-tab-quebec.com yeilded a thread of others describing the very same issue but with no resolution. 


Are tright here any type of self-diagnostics that deserve to be run to recognize if somepoint on the motherboard is faulty?