Lenovo yoga 3 touchpad not working



Can anyone help? I have actually tried home windows driver updays, vr-tab-quebec.com Service Scan, I have checked to check out if tbelow was an worry with the drivers, if the gadget was well-known, pushing and also holding Ctrl+F, F8, restating, and shutting dvery own, and then rebeginning my computer system aget. Everypoint appears to be approximately date, associated, registered, and interacting. I have actually not been able you discover a factor or solution to why my touch pad has actually stopped working. Can anyone provide some suggestions/solutions/assistance?

I think you have actually tried updating your chauffeurs yet you have to make certain your vr-tab-quebec.com touchpad isn"t disabled. Take the following steps:

Step 1. ClickStart>Settings>Devices.

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Step 2. Click Mouse and also Touchpad

Step 3. ClickFurther computer mouse alternatives, and also theMousage Propertieshome window will certainly be opened.

Step 4. ClickDevice Setups.

Step 5. Locate Touchpad settings underDevicesand also make sure your touchpad is allowed. If not, clickEnable.

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OR you can trydownloading an installing synaptics touchpad driver. It has actually been a settle for a lot of of the lenove touch pad problems.

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I exceptionally much so apprecaite you advice. I unfortunately carry out not have actually a Device Tab in the Mousage Properties Window.

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I am going to attempt the Driver reccomendation.


Regardmuch less, Thank You for your Reply!

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