The Bottom LineThe Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is an inexpensive evolution of the convertible hybrid laptop, Its $500 purchase price is a sweet spot for consumers, but there are even less expensive choices from other PC makers" /> The Bottom LineThe Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is an inexpensive evolution of the convertible hybrid laptop, Its $500 purchase price is a sweet spot for consumers, but there are even less expensive choices from other PC makers" />

Lenovo yoga 2 11 windows 10

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The Bottom Line

The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is an inexpensive development of the convertible hybrid lapoptimal. Its $500 purchase price is a sweet spot for consumers, yet tbelow are even much less expensive options from other PC equipments.

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Light chassis.Good battery life.Comfortable keyboard.Lid folds for Tablet, Stand also, and Tent modes.

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Few I/O ports. Micro-HDMI port calls for adapter.Motion manage is still gimmicky.Small auxiliary tricks and also touchpad.

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The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 ($499.99, as tested) is an evolution of the convertible hybrid lapoptimal, building on the design of the larger Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro( at Amazon). Its display screen swings about its hinge in 4 settings, and its provides a comfortable keyboard, and great battery life. The Yoga 2 11 ( at Amazon) is the smaller, much less expensive member of the household. It"s a pretty great device, though tright here are less expensive choices that execute just as much.

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Design and also FeaturesThe Yoga 2 11 is the low-expense evolution of convertible hybrid laptop computers favor the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro. Our review unit has the Best Buy-particular, dark-silver lid, while models bought directly from Lenovo have actually the choice of light silver or clementine orange. The keyboard deck has a matte, light-silver color, which contrasts well with the dark secrets on the comfortable non-backlit key-board. Each vital is convex and sculpted to make it less complicated to form on. The one-item touchpad is a little on the small side, yet it"s responsive to multitouch regulates. The QWERTY key-board is full size, though auxiliary keys prefer the arrow keys, ALT, and also CTRL are a tiny smaller than you might be supplied to.

The 11.6-inch, 10-point touch display is tantamount to the one on the HP Pavilion 11tn000 x360, though the Yoga 2 11"s display seems a little brighter. Navigating Windows 8.1"s touch UI is a breeze, and also since the display is a reasonably low 1,366-by-768 resolution (though typical for its category), you do not must fiddle with zoom controls to watch whatever in desktop mode. The screen have the right to flip roughly on its hinge, so it deserve to be used in 4 settings. Lapheight mode is the conventional clamshell lapoptimal orientation. Stand also mode puts the keyboard challenge down on the table so you deserve to use the display to watch videos with the remainder of lapoptimal body out of the means. Tent mode flips the laptop over so the central hinge is encountering the sky: this makes the touch display screen even more steady for extfinished touch sessions, yet as watched below, this mode isn"t always necessary. Last, but not least, Tablet mode lets you usage the Yoga 2 11 as a slate tablet.

At 2.78 pounds, the Yoga 2 11 is twice as heavy as an Apple iPad($389.99 at eBay), however still a lot lighter than contending touch-capable laptops choose the Toshiba Satellite NB15t-A1304. And many thanks to its smaller dimensions of (8.25 by 11.75 by 0.67 inches, HWD), the device is less complicated to lug roughly as a tablet than the bigger Yoga 2 Pro.

The thin chassis has a dearth of I/O ports. There"s one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port, a SD card reader, and also a headset jack. Tright here is a micro-HDMI port for external display screens, yet you"ll need an adapter to attach to the majority of HDTVs. For wiremuch less connectivity, the mechanism has actually 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth 4.0, however not 5GHz 802.11 a/n/ac.


The screen is rock-solid, so utilizing touch gestures as soon as the system is in lapoptimal mode operated fine. The HP x360"s display screen was much less secure once I was playing touch games on it vigorously. Lenovo included motion control to the mechanism, but we think that so far it"s mostly a gimmick. Waving your hand in front of the webelectronic camera gets old genuine quick and also just provides sense once you"re doing tasks favor flipping pperiods in the Yoga Chef cookbook application. It"s still a small kludgy, so we think activity regulate is still a solution in search of a difficulty.

Tbelow aren"t too many type of pre-mounted apps mucking up the Start display. These encompass, eBay, Evernote Touch, Kindle, McAfee Central, Microsoft Office (Trial), rara music, and Zinio. Lenovo additionally added a couple of of its very own apps prefer Lenovo Companion, Yoga Phone Companion, Yoga Camera Man, Yoga Photograph Touch, and also Yoga Chef. The Yoga Picks app is an excellent method to highlight apps without having actually them pre-mounted. Open the Yoga Picks application, and also it provides you an updated list of downloadable apps that occupational via the system"s four settings. For example, it recommends Lenovo Air Hoccrucial for Tablet mode, games for Tent mode, video viewing apps for Stand mode, and basic apps for Laptop mode. This storefront keeps many type of pre-loaded apps off of the 500GB hard drive. The device comes through a one-year warranty.


The components incorporate a quad-core Intel Pentium N3520 processor via incorporated Intel HD Graphics and 4GB of memory. The Pentium N3520 is developed on the exact same Baytrail design as the Intel Atom processor in the Asus Transprevious Publication T100TA($499.99 at Amazon) and also tablets favor the Asus VivoTab Note 8( at Amazon). The big difference (aside from clock speed) is that the Pentium N3520 is 64-little bit compatible, compared to the 32-bit Atom processors. This is important if you"ve currently bought 64-little versions of your apps, which won"t run on 32-bit CPUs. That sassist, the solid-state-drive-equipped Asus Publication T100TA (2,485 points) and Asus Note 8 (2,402) were faster on the day-to-day PCMark 7 test; its spinning hard drive organized the Yoga 2 11 additionally back (1,851). The Yoga 2 11 shined brighter than the Atom-equipped systems on the Handbrake test, scoring a speedy 2 minutes 5 seconds, while the Asus Note 8 (2:42) and Asus T100TA (2:41) were decidedly slower. That suggests you can"t really execute heavy multimedia job-related on the Yoga 2 11, but you have the right to execute the odd photo or video modify, if you must.

You"ll have actually most time to usage the system untethered. The Yoga 2 11 lasted an extremely good 6 hrs 53 minutes on our battery rundown test, sufficient to take you with many of a work-related day. This is nearly three hours much longer than the Toshiba Satellite NB15t-A1304 (4:03), and an hour much longer than its closest rival, the HP x360 (5:40). The Asus T100TA was the battery champ at 11:20.

If you"ve been eyeing among the ultrabook-class Lenovo Yoga laptops, yet don"t need ultrabook power (and its premium pricing), the Lenovo Yoga 2 11 is a good option. However before, for virtually $100 much less, the HP Pavilion x360 uses the very same internals in a flashier body. The HP x360 is likewise better connected, via a full-dimension HDMI port and Ethernet. Ultimately, if you want a extremely portable hybrid lapoptimal, the Asus Transprevious Book T100TA retains the Editors" Choice; it"s $100 cheaper, and also offers better battery life and performance.