Left and right output to one speaker

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I recognize this may sound like a simplistic question, and also I feel like I should know the answer, but a couple of conversations with a frifinish have revealed that I"m really not certain. I have actually an older Kenwood receiver that I use as a sub amp, utilizing the old CD direct output. It has 110w/ch, and so my believed was to run both the left channel and also right channel to the exact same sub. Would this job-related, or will it "short" out the signal? Is there any kind of way to usage 2 networks of power on the very same driver? I even believed of wiring it so that the positive of "right" is on the driver, and also the negative of "left" is on the driver, and also the various other remaining pos and also neg obtain hooked to each other (wiring in series, I believe?). Not certain what this will certainly execute to the amp though...any thoughts? Thanks

Sounds favor a fry task to me. It would certainly work through an amp which facilitates bridging via appropriate relationships, which a Kenhardwood receiver does not.
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Ok...deserve to a perboy affix 2 channels straight to one driver? In various other words two pos(left and also right) together and also two neg(left and right) together? Would that allow both channels to incorporate power providing properly double the power?
Ok...deserve to a perchild affix two channels straight to one driver? In other words two pos(left and also right) together and two neg(left and right) together? Would that enable both networks to incorporate power giving properly double the power?
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I"ll need to disagree with the others depending upon on what you are trying to accomplish.If you are feeding the sub a L & R signal from the CD line level output then you will certainly want to sfinish both low level signals to the sub"s line level L & R inputs and also let it sum them for your low frequency output. This method you gain all the details to the sub. And let the sub take treatment of bass monitoring.What signal are you feeding to the Kenwood, LFE from one more receiver?I must admit I"m a little perplexed, if you are utilizing the Kenhardwood as a sub amp and also making use of the CD direct outputs you"re not really using the Kenwood as an amp. CD straight outputs primarily simply by-pass tone controls and also a receivers various other internal circuits and also simply pass alengthy a clean line level signal. You would should usage the Kenwood"s speaker level outputs to the sub"s speaker level inputs to usage it as an amp.If you have the right to offer us a small more information on your entirety set-up and also what you desire to execute then we deserve to give you much better advice on the best method to connect whatever.