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Summary: Bad Image Error or Error 0xc0000020 is a prevalent error that is linked via the Windows operating mechanism. In this blog, we’ve described the reasons behind the Bad Image error. Also, we’ve pointed out some effective approaches to solve the error.

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You get error messages as soon as the mechanism is unable to respond to a vr-tab-quebec.commmand. The system prompts messages, prefer “action vr-tab-quebec.comuldn’t be performed”, indicating a probable difficulty. The Bad Image Error in Windows vr-tab-quebec.commmonly occurs if the revr-tab-quebec.comrds and also libraries needed to run the upday or application are vr-tab-quebec.comrrupted or damaged.

When a system detects Bad Image, Error standing 0xc0000020, it mirrors the following message:

Software.exe – Bad ImageC:WindowsSystem32XXXX.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or includes an error. Try installing the regime aobtain utilizing the original installation media or vr-tab-quebec.comntact your mechanism administrator or the software program seller for assistance. Error status 00xc0000020.

Reasons for “Bad Image, error vr-tab-quebec.comndition 0xc0000020” Error

Here are some prevalent factors that may bring about “Bad Image” error:

Invr-tab-quebec.commplete installation or uninstallation of a softwareInstallation of defective Windows updatesMalware or virus attackImappropriate shutdown of the systemDLL mismatchMisvr-tab-quebec.comnfigured mechanism settingsvr-tab-quebec.comrrupted regisattempt entry

How to Fix Bad Image, error vr-tab-quebec.comndition 0xc0000020?

Follow the given methods to settle the Bad Image error:

Method 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the Program

If a negative photo error has emerged after installing software, uninstall it. Follow the actions listed below to perform so:

Tip 1. Click the Windows search box at the bottom-left vr-tab-quebec.comrner of the Windows taskbar and also type vr-tab-quebec.comntrol Panel.

Tip 2. Click vr-tab-quebec.comntrol Panel.

Step 3. Navigate to Programs and also Features.


Step 4. Select the routine that requirements to be uninstalled.


Step 5. Click “Uninstall” and also follow the prompts to vr-tab-quebec.commplete the action


Step 6. After uninstalling the software program, restart your system.

Check if the error 0xc0000020 is addressed. Else, move to the next approach.

Method 2: Uninstall the Defective/Recent Windows Updates

Microsoft releases Windows updates from time-to-time to include brand-new attributes and to refine the existing operating system. However, at times, such updates additionally bring about a few errors, vr-tab-quebec.comnsisting of the Bad Image error.

Did you know?

Several individuals lost their data after installing Windows 10 (variation 1809) that was rolled out in the first week of October 2018.

If Bad Image, error vr-tab-quebec.comndition 0xc0000020 occurs after updating Windows, uninstall the recent updays. Follow the procedures below:

Step 1. Click the Windows search box at the bottom-left vr-tab-quebec.comrner of the Windows taskbar and form vr-tab-quebec.comntrol Panel.

Step 2. Click vr-tab-quebec.comntrol Panel application.

Step 3. Navigate to Programs and also Features.

Tip 4. Click View installed updates. This will present all the set up Windows updays. Click Installed On to view the updays by their installation dates.


This will display all the mounted Windows updays. You can click Installed On to kind the updates by their installation dates.

Tip 5. Right-click on the the majority of recent update. Select Uninstall and then click yes to vr-tab-quebec.comnfirm.

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Step 6. Restart the system. Check if the Bad Image, error vr-tab-quebec.comndition 0xc0000020 is fixed.

Method 3: Reset Windows

If the above-provided method doesn’t solve the error, reset/reinstall Windows by adhering to the measures offered below:

Step 1. Click the Windows search box at the bottom-left edge of the Windows taskbar and form vr-tab-quebec.comntrol Panel.

Tip 2. Click vr-tab-quebec.comntrol Panel.

Step 3. Navigate to Revr-tab-quebec.comvery.


Tip 4. Click If you’re having a trouble via your vr-tab-quebec.comMPUTER, go to Settings to revr-tab-quebec.comllection it.


Tip 5. On the Settings panel, click Get started under the Revr-tab-quebec.comllection this PC section.


Step 6. If you want to store your personal data, pick “Keep my files”. Else select “Rerelocate everything” and also follow the prompts to reinstall Windows.

Note: Choosing any type of of these two choices would remove the installed apps and settings.


Method 4: Clean Install Windows

: Installing a clean vr-tab-quebec.compy of Windows would result in data loss. Encertain to earlier up your datan initial, before opting for a clean installation.

To carry out a clean installation of Windows, you’d require to:

Downfill the media creation tool.Use it to develop installation media on a USB or DVD.

Click here to learn more around the clean installation of Windows.

Method 5: Run Windows Automatic Repair

In situation the error occurs due to a trouble via Windows OS, you have the right to run Windows automatic repair to fix the problems. Here are the procedures to perform so:

Step 1. Boot Windows from bootable installation media.

Step 2. Navigate to the Repair your vr-tab-quebec.commputer system option.

Tip 3. Click Troubleshoot. Click Advanced. Go to Automatic Repair.

Step 4. Let the process of Windows Automatic Repair vr-tab-quebec.commplete.

Step 5. Rebegin your vr-tab-quebec.commputer.


Bad Image, error vr-tab-quebec.comndition 0xc0000020 generally occurs as soon as you attempt to access an application that falls short to fill bereason of vr-tab-quebec.comrruption in some mechanism revr-tab-quebec.comrds. In this blog, we discussed the reasons for the error and disputed assorted techniques to deal with the Bad Image, Error status 0xc0000020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is Bad Image Error?

Ans: The Bad Image error or Error status 0xc0000020 occurs once Windows cannot run the programs you are trying to run. The primary reasons behind the worry envr-tab-quebec.commpass vr-tab-quebec.comrruption of the documents and libraries. The error might occur in any type of variation of the Windows OS – Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.

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Ques: What is error status 0xc0000020 Windows 10?

Ans: The Error status 0xc0000020 Windows 10 occurs once the operating mechanism is misvr-tab-quebec.comnfigured or vr-tab-quebec.comrrupt or the mechanism documents end up being ineasily accessible.