League of legends alt tab freeze

So I run games prefer path of exiles which will certainly only occupational one time and also if I close it it simply crashes over and over if I attempt to launch it aacquire. Other games I cant alt tab without the game crashing like League of legends ...APB...Terra.... basically every game I have actually I cannot alt tab out of ...I never before had this difficulty with previous versions of windows however I just set up home windows 8 and im having a couple of difficulties with my games not functioning effectively. I have noticed tbelow are fairly a couple of world through the very same trouble that I"ve checked on Google yet tright here are no vr-tab-quebec.com :( so I figured I would ask the main source. please help!!
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Ganesh Achar B
Replied on February 26, 2013

Hi Kelton,

Thank you for posting your question on vr-tab-quebec.com Community!

After going through your short article, it appears that you have an worry with computer system performance while playing games. However, in order to overview you in the best direction; I will certainly need some more information. Please assist me by answering the questions discussed listed below.

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1.What is the make and version of the computer?

2.Do you gain any kind of error message?

In-order to resolve the computer crashes while playing games; you have the right to try these methods and also check the concern condition.

Method 1:

Run the hardware troubleshooter and also examine the worry status.

Follow the steps:

a.Press “Windows key + W”.

b.Type “Troubleshooter” in the Search box and also hit enter.

c.Select “Hardware and also Sound” from the Troubleshooter Window.

d.Select “Hardware and Devices” under Devices alternative.

e.Follow the On Screen instructions.

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Method 2:

Upday the display screen adapter driver and also check the concern status.

vr-tab-quebec.com has actually released numerous updated screen chauffeurs using Windows Upday for Windows 8. These updates might resolve a selection of known graphics worries. Please check Windows Upday to make sure that you have actually downloaded and mounted all of the latest updates, including optional updays.

To inspect for driver updates:

a. At the Start display screen, form Windows Update.

b. Click or tap Settings on the appropriate side of the display, and then choose Install optional updates from the left results.

c. When the Windows Update regulate panel opens, click “Check for Updates” on the height left corner to obtain a fresh list of updates.

Method 3:

Downpack and install the latest screen adapter from the computer system manufacturer’s website.

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Hope this indevelopment helps you. Please carry out let us know if you need any assistance with Windows, we’ll be glad to aid you.