Launch efi shell from filesystem device not found

I"ve got a Taichi z390 Ultimate, and also I"m trying to usage the "launch EFI shell from filesystem device" choice, however I can"t gain it to occupational. Almethods, "Not Found". I"ve put the shell I downloaded from the EDK2 in the root of the EFI mechanism partition, named it both "Shell.efi" and "Shellx64.efi", then replicated it to the EFI catalog as well as EFIBoot. Also, I"ve put in on the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick under both names. No matter what, "Not Found" is always the outcome.I"m sure I"m doing somepoint really stupid, somepoint really easy I"m not reasoning about. Just wright here is the UEFI shell file intended to be and under what name?

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Posted: 22 Dec 2018 at 6:03pm

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Never mind -- it was something stupid. Somepoint really stupid. On that Github EDK2 folder tree, I ended up downloading and install an HTML file, which did the actual downpack, not the file. Anymethod, I"ve got the correct shell binary and also it functions prefer a charm.
Hi publius21I am having actually the exact same problem. Always not found. Could you tell me where you got the Covering.efi and also wbelow you put it exactly? And USB stick is still FAT32 formatted? Any various other things?Grts Ronald
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