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Q: I run Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop and desktop computer. Recently I got a pop-up stating that Microsoft will certainly soptimal sustaining Windows 7 by January 2020. In the message, Microsoft recommends that it will be easier for me to buy all brand-new computer systems rather of maintaining the ones I currently have actually and upgrading them. I perform not want to execute that. What can you recommfinish for Windows 7 individuals if they do not want to buy new computers? (Also, no support suggests no even more safety fixes and also patches, right? But will not my antivirus be able to sheight dangers if I continue to operate Windows 7?)

— Al S., Vero Beach

A: In August 2019, Microsoft announced that it will sheight sustaining the Windows 7 platform for residence and also office customers.

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"After January 14, 2020, if your COMPUTER is running Windows 7, it will certainly no much longer receive security updays," claims Microsoft. "Because of this, it"s essential that you upgrade to a modern-day operating mechanism such as Windows 10, which have the right to provide the latest protection updays to assist save you and also your data safer. In enhancement, Microsoft customer organization will no longer be accessible to administer Windows 7 technological support."

The announcement in its whole have the right to be uncovered at this URL:

As with instances prefer this in the past, you will certainly still be able to use Windows 7 and also its programs after this day and you should suffer few concerns, if any kind of, through the OS or your mounted programs for the short term. 

But, as declared over, over time the technological specs of your Windows 7 machine and also its programs will no longer meet the standards forced by Windows 10 and also its affiliated applications, which now have become the baseline for all computing operations. Thus, your device and also its records may inevitably experience compatibility and/or performance problems.

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Keep in mind that this have the right to take months, even years, before it becomes noticeable to you, specifically if you carry out little bit more than standard computing (analysis and writing email, surfing the web safely and also storing documents and photos). But it will certainly happen, as any type of Windows XP devotee deserve to attest.

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Similarly, your antivirus should continue to safeguard you from incoming dangers for the short term yet eventually that too will need upqualities which might be incompatible through Windows 7, which consequently will leave you undefended also. (In that instance, you can always refuse the update and keep the older version, yet because newer protocols will be based on more recent innovations you may not have actually the exact same level of protection as a variation based upon these more recent platforms.) 

To ensure a safe and smooth upgrade to the Windows 10 environment, Microsoft claims that "moving to a new device via Windows 10 will be the recommfinished route forward. Today"s PCs are quicker, lightweight yet effective, and also even more secure, through an average price that"s significantly much less than that of the average COMPUTER eight years ago."

In terms of logic, this is correct. You have the right to definitely save your current system and also upgrade the RAM, processor and difficult drive to accommodate the current needs once the time to perform so becomes apparent, yet doing so might additionally be practically as expensive as buying a new device -- hence the reference over from Microsoft. 

If you"re worried around budgain, then speak to a regional shop and have actually them price it out for you and also then decide what"s finest for you.

But just execute that when it becomes vital. Until then, be patient, proceed making use of Windows 7 at your own threat, take note of performance and also compatibility worries as they show up and also understand that upgrade to a Windows 10 mechanism will certainly be unpreventable. 

It additionally couldn"t hurt to keep an eye on advertised discounts for brand-new laptops and also desktops too. 

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