Klipsch promedia 2.1 volume control problem

I ultimately had enough through the static when I turned the volume knob of my 4.1"s. I determined to take the control pod acomponent and also solve it. Here are the actions.

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1. Slide the manage pod ameans from the speaker.

2. Rerelocate the 4 screws and cover using a phillips head screwdriver.

3. Remove 2 even more screws and also flip over the PCB board.

4. You must check out the volume knob, associated to a sliver knob. This silver part is attached to a blue box. In between the silver knob and also the blue box you will check out a thin gap (see attached picture). Take a have the right to of WD40 and also spray generously right into the gap. Keep turning the knob ago and forth to make sure it soaks in. (I did this with the speakers on to hear the static go away....DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK)

5. Put back together. Voila!

vr-tab-quebec.com, shame on you for not posting a straightforward deal with for this difficulty. Sheight trying to sell your "new" CP-1! You are losing me as a customer. Great product, but I Dont feel choose acquiring hustled bereason you made a architecture mistake.


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Posted August 25, 2003

ALL RIGHT! You sir, are a brave man! You have actually gone wbelow no guy has gone prior to...fixing the static problem! I salute you.

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After all, it seemed to occupational.

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At any rate, my PM4.1"s are working perfectly and also don"t require maitenence.

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Posted October 7, 2003

Its been a few weeks at least, and the speakers have never sounded better. Aobtain, im certain tright here is something much better then WD-40 out tbelow, but its a bad mans deal with, and I have actually had actually absolutely no troubles through it whatsoever before. Contact cleaner could be a far better solution, but for me, it was either upgrade or attempt and solve this collection through whatever before indicates I had actually. WD40 has actually always been my friend, (I figured duct taping it wouldnt perform much) so I offered it a shot. Anymeans, glad I could assist out some various other vr-tab-quebec.com owners. Im suprised vr-tab-quebec.com hasnt began offering a CP "cleaner" for 29.99 a bottle.


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Posted August 15, 2009

First of all to the comes to around WD-40, it"s not intfinished to be a contact cleaner for electronics although many type of world seem to usage it through no adverse impacts, including myself over the years in a pinch. Ideally though, go to your neighborhood Radio Shack save and also buy a can of general objective call cleaner for a couple of bucks.

As the for pots in the Promedia 2.1, yes, it"s true that the pots are mounted unside down in this control pod. Having shelp that though, I have actually had actually success spraying call cleaner directly over the peak of the pots and letting it drip to the bottom and also spraying the extremely tiny location wright here the regulate shaft goes right into the pot, then doing this multiple times while letting the boad stand at different angles to try to let gravity do it"s point. Also, if you do not mind a mess, the call cleaner you have the right to buy at RS is a VERY high press deserve to. If you spray it carefully to these locations and also stand back (particularly with your eyes covered) some of the spray can"t assist however acquire inside the regulate. Of course, quick twisting of the contol as others have actually mentioned helps work-related any type of that gets inside onto the resistive surdeals with.

I"ve done this successfully to rerelocate the noise once turning the volume manage. It"s worth noting that the noise constantly occurs wbelow you mostly adjust the volume control. For many human being this is at the extremely lowest end to about 1/4 of the lowest end. Anvarious other solution if this does not job-related for you is to adjust your software program volume regulate so that you deserve to leave your vr-tab-quebec.com volume control more towards the facility, where it doesn"t wear as a lot.

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Hope this helps.

P.S. One last thing...you REALLY need to push hard to get the pod to slide off of the speaker bottom. I had to actually closely "pound" on the pod with the base of my hand to get it to budge.