Killer e2500 gigabit ethernet controller not working

So I upgraded to Win10, whatever was running fine but than (ffs) I chose to upgrade my Killer Network-related Drivers as I had a previous version. I downloaded them from MSI web page and after installation I have no link at all. My netoccupational port is not functioning. It is not flashing as soon as I plug the cable, it does not recognize the link, it is entirely down. I have downloaded the drivers from but I obtain an error throughout installation. I have actually no connection at all on my desktop. WTF to perform to solve this? Pls help


I think i simply identified exactly how to deal with this annoying worry as i simply ran right into it myself. Enter the network & sharing -> readjust adapter settings -> best click the killer network controller and go to properties -> unclick killer bandwidth regulate and also click OK. Wala all done. this resolved it for me

Just logged in to say THANK YOU. Holy Molly, if it wasn't for you I would have actually lost the whole day through this...

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for anyone analysis this, I just addressed my issue making use of this guide, used Win8_64 drivers

My concern was windows 10 after update quit recognizing the adapter completely, it was noted as "unrecognized device".

I just needed to find out which of unrecognized devices it is: (sorry for le screenshot)

and use driver to that "unknown device"

I didnt have to reinstal the chauffeurs too, it was functioning fine. But you know i wanted to have actually the latest variation and currently im fucked. Still trying to settle this fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

When I try to rerelocate the driver, it gets rid of it yet when I execute scan for h/w transforms it automatically pops via the very same driver wtf?

Get this error in event log..

Device PCIVEN_1969&DEV_E091&SUBSYS_78451462&REV_134&214c5731&0&00E3 had a difficulty beginning.

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Driver Name: oem109.inf Class Guid: 4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 Service: Ke2200 Lower Filters: Upper Filters: Problem: 0x15 Status: 0x0

So I did rollago to win 8.1 and also now the issue is fixed. Gonna move to win10 aacquire and not update this item of shit Killer Ethernet motherfucking bullshit, wasted 4h of my life. Should have go for rollago straight ahead.

Ha! I wished I witnessed your threview before I went crazy,

I remained in the exact same instance as you two days earlier. I assumed my RJ45 was broken and virtually sent it for warranty. I decided to roll back to 8.1 and currently it's flashing aget.

Their website has actually currently an option to downpack the driver without the software application. I will certainly uninstall the present drivers and also just downfill the normal traditional chauffeurs.

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