Keyboard wont let me press multiple keys

I was playing a game on my lapheight, and for some factor, out of the blue, I can not push the control essential whilst pushing the 'W' key and also shift. It is weird bereason I've done this before and it has actually operated prior to, but for some reason I cannot anymore. This key combination is likewise pretty necessary for the game.Does anyone know what happened? How have the right to I reverse this? Also, my 'W' vital has been acting up; periodically once I press it nopoint happens and if I don't press it, it will certainly spam 'W' into whatever. I tried rebeginning the computer favor once it occurred like time, but this time it's not avoiding.

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EDIT: It seems that also if I only press the 'W' vital I cannot push the control vital and also the same time no matter what.


I foracquire what the technical terms are, yet a lot of key-boards have actually certain essential combicountries that cannot be pressed at the very same time, and also a maximum variety of total tricks that deserve to be pressed at any one time and also out of certain subsets of the key-board tricks. W and manage can be a combination that the hardware can't register at the same time. Your difficulty may come out of something being stuck to your key-board so in the subcollection via CTRL and also W, you're being restricted because somepoint else is already pressed. Try booting up a Linux live CD or USB drive and also if the problem exists there also, look right into replacing that key-board if you're positive it operated prior to.

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My first guess is that you're experiencing n-key rollover. This is a hardware issue resulting from exactly how "cheap" keyboards are produced. More info:

Only means to resolve it is to acquire a nicer keyboard, unfortunately.

However, you say it used to occupational, which I discover really odd. I'd still guess it's a hardware worry. Maybe attempt popping your 'W' vital out (be careful! I don't know what sort of lappeak you have, don't break it!) and cleaning it via some rubbing alcohol?

Oh ok. Yeah I've had this lappeak for much less than a year after my sister had actually it (in all, ~4-5 years), and when I got it a some secrets were currently messed up. The Q & 2 essential were badepend responsive, while the A key could just barely occupational. I had actually wanted a new computer, however my parents had chose to get me somepoint else. I don't know how I messed up the 'W' key though. I was playing a game yesterday and suddenly it began to mess up.

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