Keep xbox controller from turning off

I"m playing via Fable III as a good male, so I have to amass a ton of cash. I own whatever there is to own in Albion - currently it"s time to wait for those revenue payments to roll in. When my Xbox controller turns off after a duration of intask, the game paprovides and also revenue stops coming in till I touch it aget. This is not best.

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Can I either

Get the game or the Xbox to soptimal pautilizing when the controller goes to sleep; orGet the controller to soptimal going to sleep after a duration of inactivity?

Unfortunately, tbelow isn"t any type of way to store the game from pautilizing as soon as your controller shuts off. However before, there is a method to store the controller from turning off. Sadly, you need either a wired controller, or the Play "n Charge Kit.


By connecting the controller via the USB port on your Xbox, it will certainly store the controller from powering off, permitting you to rake in the digital dough.

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If you do not want to shell out extra cash, and do not mind killing your batteries while the game runs, you deserve to likewise rubber band also the best analog stick approximately the side/rear of the controller. This will keep input flowing to the game, and also save the controller on while you"re not playing.

I say the "right analog stick" because in a lot of games this will make you look approximately. It"s normally safe to have actually the cam spinning in circles while you"re not actively playing the game, unlike some buttons/sticks.

I did a variation on this to gain the "drive 194.7 miles" success in L.A. Noire. By rubber banding the throttle and the left analog stick, I controlled to drive in circles in an empty field for a couple of hrs, thereby preventing a lengthy and boring tour of the city.


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