Java this folder is not empty

I"m utilizing NetBeans 7.0.1 & as soon as I attempt to create a JAVA APPLICATION, I get an error which is: "Project Folder already exists and is not empty" .

But the truth is that task folder doesn"t exist, their is no folder of exact same name in the catalog.Any suggestions would be an excellent aid.

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Thanks in development.



Does the difficulty comes out when you attempt to create it, or what ?

Please not that your variation is a little bit old.

Make certain that it was constantly in the same directory as before .

I would rebegin my computer system & attempt again.

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If the case persists I would certainly upgrade to the latest variation (7.2.1) andexamine if the difficulty still persists or call NetBeans.


I my instance (NetBeans 8.1 on Windows 7 x64) the reason was incorrect layout file for main java class (C:Users\ You view, once tweaking via that file I left it filled via invalid code; a cshedding tag was absent, to be precise. As shortly as I realized my mistake and corrected it, every little thing went ago to normal and has been working perfectly ever given that.This is what I"d suggest: Tip 1: See if you have the right to create a new project in a folder that does not exist yet. Suppose the IDE does make this brand-new folder for you, starts filling it with records, then stops all of a sudden and also states that "Project folder already exists, etc".

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Tip 2: Look inside the folder and try to situate the main course for your application (e.g., 3: If the main class file does exist but is totally empty (0 bytes in length) it can intend that something avoids the IDE from filling it via instantly created code (as taken place to me because of the invalid primary class template).In short, try to find specific point at which the IDE loses its head. As a last rekind, take into consideration reinstalling NetBeans. Admittedly, this solution is crude and inelegant but world almost everywhere the world report it usually helps...