Is microsoft office 2007 compatible with windows 8

Windows 8 supports previous versions of Microsoft Office, however installation difficulties may interfere through obtaining Office 2007 Ultimate to run in Windows 8.

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Windows 8 supports Microsoft Office 2007, consisting of the Ultimate Edition, but some customers have reported that they must install Service Pack 3 for Office 2007 for full use. Problems running Office 2007 in Windows 8 are generally concerned just how Windows 8 was set up.

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For example, individuals who upgrade to Windows 8 from a previous version of Windows and run Office 2007 can experience troubles opening Office 2007 documents after the upgrade. In addition, customers might receive pop-up messperiods prompting them to upgrade to Office 2010 or later. In both instances, reinstalling Office 2007 frequently resolves the difficulty.

You can learn which versions of Office run in Windows 8 by visiting the Windows Compatibility Center. In the search box, enter "Microsoft Office." The site detects the operating mechanism on the computer system you"re running and also shows a list of compatible and incompatible Office versions. Office versions through a green inspect note are compatible via Windows 8. Incompatible versions appear with a red X in a circle. You deserve to narrow your search by entering "Office 2007 Ultimate."

For extra indevelopment, click one of the Office 2007 Ultimate hits in the list and also browse the area discussions area at the bottom of the resulting web page. Each question need to have actually one or more replies, normally from a Microsoft Many Valuable Professional (MVP) along with web links to associated how-to or Knowledge Base posts.

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