Is it better to install games on a separate hard drive

If your tough drive is running out of area, you deserve to relocate your repertoire of PC games to a various drive. Here's how to set up the move from your game client of choice.

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There’s a great possibility most of your digital collection lives in Steam, which thankcompletely renders it straightforward to relocate your games. From the primary window, head to Steam > Settings in the upper-left edge and also go to the Downtons tab in the sidebar. Click the switch alengthy the peak labeled Steam Library Folders, then click Add Library Folder—you have the right to select any type of various other folder on your mechanism to use as a second install area.

From currently on, once you go to install a brand-new game, you’ll be provided a choice between your pre-schosen library folders. I put the games I’m presently playing on my SSD, with the games I sometimes re-visit on my sreduced, spinning tough disk.

To move a game you currently have actually installed, right-click its name in Steam’s library sidebar, then head to the Local Files tab. Click the Move Install Folder button, and Steam will certainly give you a drop-down through all your pre-chosen library folders. Select the one you desire to move the game to, then click the Move Folder switch.

This may take a bit of time if the game’s documents take up most area, but as soon as it’s done, Steam will certainly launch the game commonly without a hiccup. Keep in mind that you might must carry out a bit of extra work-related if you have tradition mods set up, yet for most titles, it’s that straightforward. Check out our list of the ideal Steam tips for even more.

GOG Galaxy: Move the Folder and also Reinstall


GOG Galaxy intends to be a one-stop shop for all your game libraries, however it additionally allows you to download and install games from It doesn’t market a built-in button to move those games to a new folder, but it does enable you to install games wherever before you want—as soon as you install a brand-new game, you have the right to choose to install it in a folder other than the default. And we have the right to manipulate this attribute to relocate games to a brand-new area.

To move a game, navigate to GOG Galaxy’s installation folder—the default is C:Program Files (x86)GOG GalaxyGames—then right-click the folder containing the game in question. Cut and paste that folder to your brand-new location—say, D:GamesGOG—and also wait for the records to copy over.

When that’s done, open up GOG Galaxy, right-click on the game, and also pick Manage Installation > Uninstall. You’ll gain an error informing you it couldn’t uninstall the game, but that’s okay. Click on the game aget to install it, and once it asks you wbelow you want it mounted, select the folder wright here you duplicated the game documents (in our instance, D:GamesGOG). It will certainly start installing the game, realize the papers are already tbelow, and also the installation will complete exceptionally conveniently, without re-downloading the files a 2nd time.

EA Origin: Move the Video Game From the Origin Client


Origin has a built-in "Move" switch that renders this procedure dead simple—even simpler than Steam, given that you don’t have to produce a new "library folder" initially. When you install a brand-new game, you can install it in any folder you want, on any drive.

To relocate an Origin game to a brand-new folder, just right-click the game in Origin’s Library watch, choose Move Game, and browse to your brand-new drive. You’ll view the progress in a Data Explorer pop-up, and also when it’s done you’ll be able to play the game choose nothing was various. (Well, except for the loading times.)

Blizzard Move the Files, Then Redirect the Launcher


For games utilizing Blizzard’s launcher, prefer Overwatch, you’ll must relocate the files yourself, then direct to the brand-new area. So head to your games brochure and also choose the folder for the game you desire to move.

Cut and paste this folder to your preferred place on the new drive, then open and also click the Blizzard food selection in the upper-left edge to enter the Settings. Under the Game Install/Update tab, discover the game in question and also click the Use a Different Folder button.

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Navigate to wbelow you relocated the papers on your new drive, and you should be excellent to go. will verify the integrity of the documents, and you’ll be able to play the game from its new location without re-downloading it.

Epic Games: Trick the Store Into Resuming a Finimelted Download


The Epic Gamings launcher is just one of the even more annoying stores via which to move games. First, discover the folder wright here your game of alternative is currently installed (favor C:Program FilesEpic GamesFortnite) and also relocate that folder to the new area (like D:GamesEpicFortnite). Then change the name of the folder—somepoint choose "Fortnite1" would certainly be fine in this instance.

Open the Epic Gamings store, click the 3 dots under the game in question, and also choose Uninstall. The game should "uninstall" instantly, given that the records are no longer there. Click the game to start the installation process again—only this time, pick your desired location on the new drive (favor D:GamesEpicFortnite without the "1" you added). Epic won’t install a game to an existing folder, which is why we need to go with this renaming song and dance.

Once the installation starts, click the Downlots tab in the Epic launcher’s sidebar, and click the X to cancel the installation. Now go ago to the folder wbelow the game’s files reside on your brand-new drive and also delete the new folder—in this instance, "Fortnite"—and rename the "Fortnite1" folder to "Fortnite."

Go ago to the Epic launcher and also click on the game in question to resume the download. It have to see your files on the drive, verify that they’re all there, and finish installing the game without downloading anypoint.

Microsoft Store: Move Games From Windows’ Settings


For all the hate Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games have actually gained in the past, they’re very simple to move to a brand-new drive or folder. To carry out so, head to Windows 10’s Setups > Apps > Apps & Features, then discover the game in the add/remove programs list. Next to the Uninstall switch, you’ll see a Move switch that permits you to relocate it to any type of drive—not any folder, mind you, yet at leastern you can get it off your SSD and onto an additional drive wright here room isn’t rather so valuable.

Ubisoft Uplay: Move the Files, Then Restraight the Launcher


Ubisoft’s Uplay is similar to to relocate a game, you need to move the actual documents making use of Data Explorer. So uncover the game magazine in question (by default, it’ll be under C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launchergames) and copy it to your new drive. Delete the folder from its old location.

Open Uplay, then right-click the game in question and choose Uninstall. Once Uplay marks the game as unmounted, right-click the game and choose View Game Details. You have to view a brand-new switch appear under Downpack titled Locate Installed Game. Click that, straight the launcher to your game’s brand-new place, and also it have to detect all the game"s files, permitting you to play without re-downloading and install.

No Other Options Exist? Create a Symbolic Link


Most launchers must permit a procedure equivalent to the over if you desire to move your games. If it doesn’t, there’s one last-ditch choice you can try: symbolic web links. Symbolic web links are type of favor shortcuts, other than your computer will treat the shortreduced as if it’s the actual folder it’s pointing to, so the game files won’t know the difference.

I"ve yet to enrespond to a modern game that calls for this, however it"s exactly how we used to execute things prior to Steam included the capacity to have multiple library folders. It may come in handy in specific situations.

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Let"s say we’re moving a game from C:Program FilesMyAwesomeGame to D:GamesMyAwesomeGame. Just move the MyAwesomeGame folder, then right-click the Start food selection and also pick Command also Prompt (Admin). Run the adhering to command:

mkattach /D "C:Program FilesMyAwesomeGame" "D:GamesMyAwesomeGame"

You’ll check out a shortcut-looking symbol appear in the original folder, pointing to the brand-new area. The game won’t also have the ability to tell the difference, interpretation it should hopecompletely launch without trouble—and you deserve to reclaim that much-needed area on your SSD.